Good Epic Creatures for PVP, In my opinion

My opinion, I have not much legendaries and nothing higher than that. All creatures aren’t in any specific order but randomly arranged.

Edit1: Ima add the creatures in the replies since I have a bit to much epics to keep track of

#1: Megalotops, A good support creature which has the ability to of counter attack (armor breaking one)
and kills any dodges or camo. it has some good resistances which are; DoT, DMG Reduct, Rending, Speed Decrease, Stun, and vulnerable. Cons: Counters are Armor Breakers, which are pretty common while unlocking epics
#2: Brachiosaurus: This creature makes good defense or shield whenever you swap out. This creature has pretty good health and can deal good damage with Resilient Rampage. It cleanses distraction from any cunning creature
#3: Tyrannosaurus Rex: This iconic creature that has appeared in all Jurassic Park movies is one of the best offense creatures in the epic category. It has a high crit rate and breaks shields and armor. It can take down even the great brachiosaurus with a couple of hits. cons are like with a tank with weak armor (in this case, no armor), where it has a great offensive side to it but a major drop to defensive aspects
#4: Blue the Velociraptor: This agile raptor can bring in a good offense with it’s moveset. The cunning strike can lower the opponent’s attack, precise pounce can take care of dodging creatures, and evasive impact can lower the DMG done to the creature. The cunning raptor can even take down fierce attackers with such high attack. But this amazing raptor can be taken out by resilient foes, using moves to cleanse itself the DMG reduct and change the competition.
#5:Scorpios Rex Gen 2: This dangerous and poisonous foe can stun and break through the armor and shields of creatures. It has DMG reduct to counter fierce and takes down armor and removes shields to counter resilient to a certain point. It can outspeed many creatures as well and has many resistances, that being Speed decrease, Stun, Swap Prevention, and vulnerable.

I have many more to list but I’ll do it in the replies or edit it. This took me a llllllooooonnnngggg time to make this for some reason… Anyways hope you enjoy my list : D

You forgot the little nuisance, Argenteryx which can bring down even most of the uniques.


Don’t forget Ankylodicurus, it can 2 shot most cunnings


Oh and Thylacotator, can be used in many situations


The only real reason trex is good in pvp is that people boost its speed to 142


How about Diplodocus, Scutosaurus, Antarctopelta, Dimodactylus, and Indom G2?


Boa, wolly Rhino are still relevant in library - gyros


Also compy rixis and Mboa

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Allosaurus Gen 2

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t rex kinda sucks tho, just slow it or anything that is realistic boosted can just take it out. so it’s not good in pvp


heh, i’m looking forward to get more argentavis DNA