"Good Game" PvP message

I think a “Good Game” PvP message option would be nice.
I use the “Well Played” when my opponent makes a good move in battle. Sometimes however, at the end of a battle where my opponent played well, pulled right moves at the right time, and was courteous in battle, no matter who won, I feel like being able to send a final “Good Game” would be nice.
In my opinion the laughing emoji brought the worst in some players, and a “good game” could help balancing it.
Food for thoughts.


maybe 2 rex arms shaking


“I’m sorry” is the emo we lack… I’ve wanted to post that numerous times last few weeks. Cause every time I wasn’t butchered in PvP or tournament I got matched up with someone who didn’t stand a chance…


I’d welcome this idea. Still, I play with emotes OFF

There is a “sorry” emote