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Good Job Ludia!

First combat in level 6 Arena:

Level 11 user vs Level 14 user
Mine lvl 15 Dinos vs Unique Dinos lvl 18-22

Like old version…

Really good job!



Only 1 question: WHY?

I’d just like to play against people at my level instead of a lousy Bot every 2 consecutive defeats!
It’s so difficult?
In this game there is no future for those who start now.


They should make like
( This arena can use only epic dino or lower rarity is lv 11-15 ) this will fair for some fight


Yes, can be a good idea.

Yeah they totally fixed the matchmaking! Two out of three games against monsters like this. The other game still had me at a disadvantage, level 22 - 25 vs my all level 21 team. Back to not bothering with the arena again, it was ‘fun’ while it lasted I guess.

Again and again and again

No more money from me, subscription canceled.

I believe that with the new update, a situation that was already ridiculous before has worsened. I can’t win a battle because the opponents are not within my reach. And also the Bots that arrive after 2 defeats are stronger and better (with them I win but it’s not so easy anymore)

You had already cancelled it before you created this topic had you not?

Yes, ofcourse. I was hoping for an improvement with the new update. Vain hope.

It took me about a year to break out of Arena 6. It wasn’t until I had legendaries that it happened. With that said, your team is far, far weaker than mine was in 6. Not sure how you got there to be completely honest.

Just keep rolling with it. The arena trophies are nothing but a grind from 2500 and up. I still go on lose streaks of 15-20 battles, whether it’s from misplaying, being completely outmatched in level and creature, or just losing to a player who knows what they’re doing better than I do.

Keep the battles going. You’ll get there. Collect all the DNA you can in the meantime, and consider swapping Procerathomimus (due to the hard nerf on it).

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Omg, yes, what a nerf on Procerathomimus!!

I have been playing Alive for 32 days but honestly I see very few possibilities for me in the Arena.