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Good Jurassic World the game info websites

Hi I’ve just come back to this game, as the mods are an absolutely amazing asset to the game and I am enjoying it now more than ever. As a JWA player, whenever I want in depth info about specific dinosaurs and other stuff, I use metahub and the field guide, but that does not cover this game. If anyone has any suggestions on good websites to use please do tell, it will be a good tool to use

This forum has a ton of information in it, you can search for what you are looking for or ask and everyone will do their best to help answer.

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Oh ok. Will use that a lot more to ask about stuff now

I also use the fandom site which is a treasure trove of information, esp. stats on the dinosaurs in the game.


Thanks so much, looks great will defo use it

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For info, I use mostly Sionsith and the fandom site that Mary posted above.

Fandom needs updating especially for the newer dinosaurs but I love the hatching time info it provides - and you can work out whether its worth evolving dinos as the stats info lets you work out ferocity (Cos Sionith told us how to do that :joy:)


Don’t forget as well, anyone can update the information on the wiki, you just have to create an account to do so. I’ve been trying to update information where it’s missing or just not clear (hatch times not always obvious if they are in day or hours).

I think it’d be really awesome to add ferocity to the table of stats, so you can just look it up there rather than having to calculate it all the time but not sure who would approve doing that.

The Fandom site is considerably more complete, but I have a thread/post of incubation times I update every time I hatch a new creature. A few posts below it is also a post I keep updating with evolution times.