Good leading dinos as of 7/30/19?

Wondering what people consider to be good leading dinos? I generally start with Monostego or Spinotahraptor (soon to Spinotasuchus) and leave dinos like Tryostronix to reverse sweep or Alankylo to counter. Sometimes I start with Megalosuchus as I don’t see him usually make a bad trade in the beginning (provided the matchmaking is fair that match)

75% of my matchup start with erlidominus , magna or tryko
20% with tanks (stegodeus generally)
5% with a bleeder

My starters are Monostego, Magna or Rinex. If I don’t draw any of those I will settle for Tryko. I’m seeing more Tryko and Dio starters so I still don’t like starting with Erlidom unless I have a really bad hand and don’t draw any of the aforementioned. Usually in that case they have a 9k Stegod, plus a Tryko and Dio and I’ve probably lost anyways. :joy:

3 battles in a row today they started with Erlidominus. Not sure why people chose this one, but I can only image it may be an attempt to bring out the opponents DC early?

Rinex or Magna normally - Thor, Tryko or Erlidom if not. Only issue with Rinex is that my eyesight isn’t what it used to be and in poor light I sometimes put the Rat on by mistake - confuses the opponent though :rofl:

Often get mistaken identity between Erlidom and Dilorach as well - both when selecting and when working out what I’m fighting :nerd_face:

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I get the same bad hand 3x in a row sometimes …I hate when that happens

I’m starting with Dio or Tryko usually as most start with Erli or Rinex. Sometimes start with Monostego or Rinex. Erli always wait for rat to appear. If I draw Thor, Erli and Magna, then I start with Thor too.

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I’ve totally done that before! The one and only time I just put the game down and gave them the win. Hopefully they thought I timed out or something :rofl::rofl:

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My team In order of preference:
Monostego, Tenrex, Tryko, Erlidom, and if I have to Magna.
Draco, Thor, and Dilo NEVER lead.

(I hope to replace Erlidom with Dio eventually as a stronger opener)

Usually, Utasino, Erlidom or Stegodeus. If none of those are in my team, I’ll make a judgement depending on what else I have.

I start with diplovenator

I like to start with whoever is between Rinex/Dracocera or Erlidom/Dracocera. Guess why😆

Often start with Magna if I also have Erlidom to one-shot Dracocera.

Or else… Monostego. Safe choice.