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Good loot ever?


How often have you guys got any legendary pieces?

Seems even more rare then one would expect.

Also, room drop chests seem so low for level. I finally got the cleric to level 11 - 30,000 exp. There was a room I had could finally open with him for level 11. Had about 800 gold and a bunch of common and rare cards. Not even one epic. I wasn’t expecting a legendary (hoping maybe). But to grind as much as it takes and a room like this to be near useless is lame.

The chests for passing a main quest too are so low, they are basically the same as the free daily (or only a sliver better). I can rarely pass any quest ones now and when I do reward sucks.

After about 40 days of playing it now feels like hours and hours of grinding with little rewards ever coming or helping.

Didn’t help I have to do about 2 days straight of haven’t mountain to roll a 12. Given I never got the D20 to help, it took me about 12 hours of playing over the 2 day window to finally get a 12. Probably damn near 40 or 50 tries. Got it at 5am last day before rewards changed.

Game is already getting quite frustrating, and the VIP is crazy overpriced, but basically a must or the grinding would be truly unbearable. Even with VIP, it’s still becoming a ridiculously enjoyable grind curve.


I’ve been playing for a little over 6 months and I have 10 legendaries (all from chests), two for characters I don’t really use, and 4 for the dragonborn (he’s a slayer). have 3 characters at 12, 4 at 11, and one still at 10. I agree about the chests in adventure mode, I’m working on the last few levels and I usually get a wooden chest. this seems very out of proportion given the difficulty of these levels.

With that being said, the game is still in beta and I have to believe once it goes live there will be plenty of adventures and chests to open. level 13 is 70,000 xp, at the current rate gear and xp is doled out it will be a very long time before I level up again. I think it’s slow right now while the developers work out the quantities of gear, gold and xp rewarded for various activities.

VIP - yes, I agree completely about the cost. 27 dollars per month is far too much, Netflix only costs 15, FF XIV is 15, WOW is 15. With the game currently in beta and only a few challenges to do, the current cost is vastly over priced. the devs posted that the cost is in CAD, but I think that he might be referring to how it’s charged (20 USD = 27 CAD) it’s actually not loading for me at the moment, so I’m not sure, perhaps the cost is coming down.


I’ve been playing since day 1 and i have a total of 21
I got about 3 legendary from chests (2 are the horrible barbarian owlbear skull) and my last one was my archer’s bracer.
The rest i had to buy them off the vendor at 40 000 gold or 2 000 gems.
And that is still counting the time i played before the gold and glory update that killed the chest system.
Before i could randomly find a dragon chest in challenge mode and that gave me more chances of higher pieces of gear (it seemed like i had a decent chances of getting epic / legendary from that since this is the only time i found some).

Now all i get is normal chest for comon/rare items 100% of the time. It has been 7 months since i haven’t found a single Epic or more from a chest. (except the hero room chest… but it is has garanteed epic so i don’t even wanna count that in.)

The VIP price should be closer to 5$, I don’t know a a single app game out there that has a VIP monthly membership that is over 5$ so yeah, WAY over priced. But they did the same to “pre play” the bard for 87$ which is more than a stand-alone video game. This company is money hungry.

So for you’re main question, Good loot ever?
NOPE, you just need to farm the sharpstone challenge constantly to be lucky with secret room to get more gold and stack a 40 000 gold for the next legendary that will appear in your vendor rotations…