Good mail day

I recommend checking your JWA mail today.

That is all.


ooooooh. :scream:


Much appreciated for sure! Even though I got crap from it as usual :rofl:


Got Woolly Rhino out of it :slightly_smiling_face:

Time to give my little Keratoporcus a viability upgrade.


I got tons of good dna! Hooray :grin: nice amount of deer and rhino too

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I got kentro and argentino, nice job Ludia, Very nice.

Got a 100 fuse on Keratoporcus and 2 50’s :slightly_smiling_face:

Got her to level 22 and midway to level 23.


Got Concave and Raja, so upset lol

I got 30 T Rex and 600 Pachycephalosaurus,would have had it the other way around lol

I checked it as soon as it struck 7:30, it is the local time when the Weekly Incubator Drops for me.

Received a ton of brachi, which is exactly what I needed. Then realized I’m 2 dna short on secodonto. Time to shove one in a sanctuary when my critters return.

i hate when that happens.

Thanks again devs (please do pass @Ned) very generous incubator this week :ok_hand:


Thanks but also rip. I got 850 ptera and 75 ourano. Considering I have 13k ptera and have a park near my house, it’s not very useful. Wish I could give it to all of you who need it

I didn’t even pay attention to what i got. :sweat_smile:
wasn’t anything i needed atm that’s for sure.

Good incubator. I did not get anything I needed. I got 600 brachi which is not bad dna. Just I dont need it.

I got 500 anky and 497 kentro! I may actually get to put tryko on the team soon…

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I got a lot of things I didn’t need but 35,000 coins was great.

Woohooooo ! :raised_hands:t2::clap:t2::love_you_gesture:t2: I got lucky with sinoceratops.

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The mailman was very generous… Thank You Ludia!! :+1::+1: I got Dimetrodon (finally got it to level 20… Look out Magna!!) Echo, Brachi and Patchy. :slight_smile:

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