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Good morning!

And good morning to you too, Barry! Great way to start the day! How’s everyone else’s morning going?

Good morning guys! Time to do my daily epic hunt!


Snagged a brachiosaurus on the highway!!

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Wasn’t that last week?


First opening salvo of the flu - wicked chest congestion, fatigue and sore muscles/muscles locking up.

I don’t mind the cold weather, it’s just that we got hit here with some of the rain spun off from the remnants of Michael when the cold weather abruptly started.

I typically walk to/from work, so it was the fact that I was constantly getting soaked in the dish pit, and having to walk home in the cold and drizzle that really set this off.

So I’m having to try to kill this evil bug before it gains enough strength to take me out of commission.

Other than that, I got more DNA for Bowie the Bary last night… Can’t be bad.

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Yesterday was good, three t-rexs, so far this morning I missed the treasure chest and no epics.

Didn’t take any screenshots since I was trying to rush to work while also looking for event Dilophosaurus (they are really scarce on my side) but I had a very unusual Epic morning today.

  1. Saw a Bronchiasaurus at dawn while I was getting ready to go out, thought I would check it later once I’m out the door. By the time I checked again, it had switch to day and in her place was a T-Rex! :star_struck:

  2. Saw a Kentrosaurus and a wild Dilophosaurus on the way to work, darted the Kentro but Dilo despawned :frowning:

  3. Feeling sad about the Dilo because she is more rare than most epics here, I carried on and thought I would click on the treasure chest on the next block. As I got closer I saw another epic - Postimetrodon!! This was the 2nd time I’ve ever seen her in the wild

  4. Darted the Postimetrodon, was about to get the treasure chest when I saw another T-Rex a block down!

  5. Darted the T-Rex, is turned back around to finally grab the treasure chest. After clicking on the treasure chest, another T-Rex spawned down the block in the opposite direction!

  6. Darted my 3rd Rex, and went off to work. On the way, an Ouranosaurus popped up! Had to pass on that one because I was running late by that point

I’ve now exhausted my epic quota for the next 6 months

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Regarding #1 up there… maybe the cold weather is causing the Bronchiosaurus problem. I think that with a little medication, that dino will be back to health in no time. Maybe give it a bronchodilator - really strong coffee helps open the pipes.

It’ll be back to its normal brachiosaur life in no time flat.


Either that, or you could try hiding her cigarettes. LOL