Good news for the LF!

I have seen some people really worried that you will need multiple light furies or toothless to level them up, just like with the other 3+ dragons. They can’t be bred, and given how long it takes to earn trust points (I’ve been playing since launch and I still had to slave to get her within two visits) it would take forever to get them fully levelled (although more predictably than the random chance of breeding the high level dragon you need)

But they might only need scales after all!

This might change at higher levels, but most 3 stars need a duplicate to max out… but even so, that’s still one less Trust Points legendary to train~

Good luck to everyone when she returns! (probably in a month or two after another Toothless visit?)

LF need two dupe to maxed confirmed with developers so don’t keep your hope that may be she need only scales.
3* dragon need 1 dupe to max.
4 and 5* need 2 dupe to max.
So if you are thinking that why LF don’t need dupe to make it 3* that is because none 5* dragons need dupe make it 3* they need dupe to make them 4 & 5*.

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That would explain it, she’s my first 5 star.

With the time someone needs to save up the 2 and 3 scales, and the coins, she’ll be around at least a few times. It won’t be as painful as people think.

I think breeding that 5 star crossbreed dragon 2 additional times is going to be the real challenge.

May be but there are players who got LF in 1st event.

I doubt anyone had a strong enough team to get all the way through her quests on the first event. Remember how the original restart began at over 2,000 runes before decreasing over the 24 hours? That’s a lot of scratch if you want to restart the event and get more than 9 shots at trust points. Even the 20,000 runes option wouldn’t have been enough to get 1000 points over the 9 days (unless within the month since release you had a team strong enough to take on the 5000+ power level quests but even then you’d need 100 points a day and the full quest line doesn’t give that much)

It’s doubtful, but someone might have been able to accomplish it for over $500 (or equivalent tapjoy offers) There’s zero possibility anyone was able to get her the 1st event without substantial $$. I wasn’t able to, but I had a good enough head start for the 2nd round, and I still got my final points 30 minutes from the event ending.

Really? Light fury got LF
Checkout that one know. Maybe there are more people who got.

No one got her that early without spending a ton of runes, as that user expressed right away. Like 50,000 runes or more. When someone says “I have no idea what I spent” it’s code for “I spent waaaay too much”

She is totally worth it though, I agree.

But now that the event reset is much more reasonable (yes it is going to scale up but come on guys, there need to still be a difficulty curve here) I think people are going to get her quicker than they think.

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There’s a reason I was willing to spend the runes ; ). But yeah, duplicates are needed to train to 4* and 5*. Along with some extraordinarily high scale numbers, which is why I don’t need to spend runes on future LF events. Potentially.


You can see here owner of light fury :slight_smile:

Yah, I tried to invest as much as I needed but there was just no way lol. I think part of the panic was not realizing how often she’d visit… There was only a month or so between these two events, and toothless was around between them too.

Depending on how close I have her to levelling up, I don’t think I’ll need to spend many more runes to get more of her. And as the teams get stronger, you earn more points each round too… I think the last one offers 12 trust points but who knows what the power level is. I can’t get past the 5000 level yet.

I still have the image of “2,450 Runes to restart” etched in my brain, geez…

@upperthorso, it was 98 runes for the first restart on the first time around. Each time you restart using runes, the number of runes needing to restart the next round would go up. If you restarted enough the restart would add up to needing 2,450 runes to restart.