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Good News Thread

Haven’t seen a thread like this in circulation so figured I’d start one.

Just a thread where you can share anything exciting that has happened or is happening in your park. Could be a good prize wheel prize, something exciting from card pack, or maybe you finally achieved a certain goal or simply finally got that creature you have always wanted.

I’ll start, nothing too crazy but exciting for me. On both my game and my daughters game today we both won the 1500 LP prize from the PvE. I feel like we almost always land on 700 so this was awesome, and on both games :smiley:

Other good news, on my daughters game we should be able to buy both a suprannotitan and an ankylodocus on discount today which will give her the copies she needs to make lvl 30s of both.


My eighth Sarcosuchus (locked) :heart:


Nice! I am about 3000 dna away from a level 30 metrialong, so hoping to get that in the coming weeks. Also am likely going to get my second diplosuchus soon, which will be good as my amphibians are lacking in my high ferocity area.


I’m fusing Zalmonodon right now due to the CoT disappointment. So, I’ll have a new top class hybrid soon. :slight_smile:

Finished on the second try!


cool. No where near that level, but I hope that I will one day

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I don’t know if you had noticed, but Ive found in sorna the RV crashed from lost world, it’s so small :joy:


I did, just didn’t know what it was relating to. Thats cool.

Finally hatched my first Yutyrannus! Wow, was that just a week ago? It felt like a few months passed since I cleared stage 87.

I named her “Dory” :fish:


Wow !!! Congrats @Jurassic_Fury while me waiting for 5 copy of Sarchosuchus for unlock Koolasaurus.

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Redownloaded the game today on another device. Smoothest gameplay I’ve ever experienced. 0 lag, no random game crashes, spam stored AFs so fast I accidently sold a couple of them. 1 scroll took me halfway down my lineup. Feels so nice…


Been a good day, I finally got my 2nd Baryonyx from the 10k packs, fusing them now. The only jurassic VIPs i don’t have lvl 20 now are Eolambia and Eudimorphodon.

The 2220/694 VIPs work pretty well being balanced. (Bary/Eudimo/Stygi/Mast)

I use them first and second in Dom battles with pretty good success. Sometimes last or all three. I normally like a cannon last though. To bad Stygi is a 50K though.


Good news !!! I has 2 lv.20 Concavanetor now I think it is useful carnivore to attack meat shield herbivore(such as lv.40 Apatosaurus)


I love my level 20 Concavenators for tournament runs.


Recent addition…


Awesome, i think the Concavenator is one of the better looking dinos in the game.


Nice, hope you get it soon @Nonthawath_777!

Forgot how cool I thought this guy looked once I had fused him and forgotten about him.


It’s statistically better to get Ostaposaurus instead

In the long run, sure but mid game it would be dependent on how you balance your line up.

Koolasaurus costs a good bit less DNA and one of the parent creatures is a rare dino making it easier to fuse. And at lvl 20 it is a pretty solid amphib if your line up is in the lvl 20 VIP range which is pretty common. At that point in the game having 2 lvl 20 Koolasaurus might be better than 1 lvl 20 Osta.