Good News Thread

Two of my babies are in the creation lab

And got a good trade

A good roster for gyrosphere tour


Unlocked my favorite flyer tourney hybrid


When the prize drop has been on what seemed like a forever drought of anything good, it comes through in a big way this morning.
When I saw the pack sitting in the back of my cards I was thinking finally, first card was x7, second card was x1, then I got real excited knowing that this was coming next:

Two 50k packs!

Within the packs were 4 DNA cards:

One DB card:

And one food card, not pictured.

Also each pack came along with a nice chunk of LP:

Starting the day off really well.


:open_mouth: Whoa! This one will be hard to beat!


Free level 20 glass cannon ptero


Don’t wanna ruin the moment but… There are more qualifications for being a late game player than just having Park Level 99. Lineup depth, strength including Aquatic and Cenozoic, ability to comfortably finish in Dominator without sacrificing PvE, etc. There may not be a rock solid definition of what really is the Late Game but there are certainly some treshold criteria below which the term late game wouldn’t fit well into.


I would add to that having everything unlocked that can be unlocked


Park level 99 is definitively not a criteria. Levelling up to park level 99 is easy doing story missions and buying and selling AFs. I have been level 99 for maybe half a year and I must have one of the lineups with the lowest ferocity for level 99 (no tournament hybrids, the creatures I’m using the most lying in ferocity between T. Rex lvl 40 and monostegotops lvl 1. Only four creatures above monostegotops lvl 1). But I do finish easily in dominator with that lineup because I have many copies of the s-hybrids and short cool down time. But late player? Absolutely not. I think your lineup is better than mine


Not really sure, as you can be late game but having 1 or 2 creature not unlocked due to their tournaments being in like a year…


Again, it’s an opinion, there’s no set definition of a late game player. However, most players that I would consider late game have all those unlocks and have been playing well over a year.


Yeah, but there are dinos like pachyrhino that haven’t had an unlock in about one and a half years


For what it’s worth, I have been playing since April 2019, I got my first Dominator finish last January (Lythronax), and my first new creature/ gen 2 win (needing 1500+ trophies rather than 1250) about 6 weeks later (Kaprosuchus gen 2). Since then I have won every tournament creature on offer, I think, but there are still quite a lot to collect. I do work on Ceno and Aquatic as well as Jurassic.

I only got to level 99 about a month ago, I have been deliberately going slow to stop my PVE getting more difficult faster than I could improve my line-up- even so at times it has been difficult. My yardstick is being able to win F4F and SV - that usually tells me if I have gaps.

I would no way think I was anywhere near the end of the game, I am not even close yet to being able to support Indos yet. That’s fine by me, I think I’m having more fun doing it at :snail: pace.


Nope. Sounds like that’s it lol


Yep. I don’t have pachyrhino unlocked. 1year 11months playing. Last chance is just shy of 2 years now.


Correct, like I said, they’ve been playing well over a year (I didn’t mean like 13 months, more like several years). My thoughts on late game players are players that have a very deep lineup with dinos that have multi day cooldowns and they have to plan when they’re going to use a dino because they know they won’t have them for a couple of days.

When that’s the type of thinking you have to do, then I believe you can call yourself a late game player :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, there are players that have been playing a long time that just don’t want to level up their dinos because there’s no real reason to besides completing badges. I’m not taking anything away from them, my strategy is pretty much the same (at least for now), but I don’t consider them late game players (longterm players, yes, but not late game).

Again though, everybody has a different opinion.


Agreed. That’s why I don’t consider myself to be late-game


Same here.


I have to disagree. Anyone with multiple indoraptors at any level I consider late game.

Literally, nothing is left in the game at that point other than Indoraptor badges and you could get the badges by leveling and selling. Or just not as you don’t need them for the last beacon level.


Pretty progress on my aqua and ceno, feeling good, I love doing those, I am planning on getting one more aqua hybrid and one ceno hybrid, please let me know which one is the best considering that I haven’t unlock everything because I am post reshuffle, thanks


I mean level catchup, not late game

If it clarifies better I’ll edit my post

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