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Good News Thread

I haven’t seen such for a looong while. Chanya seems to have grudge on my buck count.

“I haven’t stolen them Chanya, don’t look at me like that. Jeez.” :expressionless:

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After Djalma’s post today, I consider myself unlucky for an eternity. And that decision is final. :expressionless:

I’ll send a screenshot if I get one of them today

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You are lucky, I wasnt here when kapro and sarco sdna were on the spin wheal, that is a really cool dino

It’s still on the spin wheel, I’ve gotten all my kapro and sarco DNA from it

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sorry I meant to say sdan mission, buy yeah your a really good, I can easily win the modded pvp match I just dont have the time and the dino to do it(always use them for events)

Yeah I stoped doing events for a bit so I could get s DNA and spino raptors

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Havent done a standard ceno PvP battle in a while (been grinding the mod wheel instead), glad I did though…


Winning an aquatic modded PVP gave me

Gradually building up towards an entirely free L40 of these.


Bucks for days(or an hour) :sunglasses::money_mouth_face:

And some coin trades i badly needed…

this one is terrible😵

Sad i didn’t get to do the other two.


Got a Trex from the morning mystery pack


Yesterday I got my 2 vaccine.


Opps wrong ones


Ohh I don’t wanna be a SOURopod and these achievements look so nice but, you may better share them in the JWA forum. :slight_smile:

I’m a carnivore actually. :grimacing:


Rajastega from modded pvp on D1’s game last night.


Stop telling cornyRHYNCHUS jokes.

Enjoyed this round of my modded event

Watching his OP creatures come down to my level each time was good fun, and it saved my tournament line-up. Of course I could have just used 3 L1 commons for even more fun.

Waiting for some tougher dinos to unlock before doing the last round. Unfortunately the AI has Randomize on that one . Any hints? I have a lot of mods available, I could just try going in with Terrify and Inspire and maybe a Nullify.


I wish I could help you but I’m not good at mods.

I went with a terrify and then two regenerates. Unfortunately his randomize ended up putting a nullify on his first creature, which nullified my terrify :(. Luckily I brought three strong creatures, ended up having to sacrifice both creatures with the regenerates without even using them but it was most important to keep the terrify alive. Ended up winning it but not the way I initially intended.


So, remember a thread I made a few months ago about Allonogmius and Priotrodon evolution voting? The previous month I created the winner of that voting, my precious Priotrodon

And last week I finally created Allonogmius too!

So here they are, the number one (Allonogmius) and number two (Priotrodon) of my lineup! The goal of Priotrodon vs Allonogmius has fulfilled !