Good News Thread

My megalodon hatched (well, I sped it up…)

And I got unaysaurus to lvl 30, uhum… jeez the amount of bucks I spent on it :flushed::face_with_peeking_eye:


I managed to unlock Cerazinosaurus AND Segnosuchus over the past week! I’ll also have Gorgosuchus tomorrow


My goal for the weekend was to try and make 70,000 DNA from Colossus and any other events that would help. I had limited time so only got the tournament to Hunter; not much DNA from that.

I got to the end of the 300,000 damage target with Colossus, not as far as I wanted but not bad with my reef line-up. The maximum damage I could inflict was just over 22K so it was much slower than a Jurassic boss would be for me. I did finish all the small events though, and they deliver a surprising amount of DNA even if they are really annoying.

I got one brilliant trade too

To my surprise I have done OK; my DNA has gone up by over 68K since last Thursday. With today’s 1000 from the 2 unlock events I should have enough for 1 Dracoceratops during the hybrid discount window, which is what I was saving for.


I have finnally achieved my goal of filling up mh entire Glynthorax paddock:

I made the thread back as a new years resolution, so it took 8 months on the dot, just like my Ostapobaby army. I guess I’m in the business of building armies. So far I have my Indos Army, Ostapobaby Army, and now my Glynthorax army. Hmm what next?

  • Allo-by-myself Army (Allonogmius)
  • Au Revior More Armor Army (Armormata)
  • Bagepiper Army (Bagehesaurus)
  • Dilo-not-Dilo Army (Erlikosaurus)
  • Draco Malfoy Stans (Dracoceratops)
  • Everything is Chrome in the future Army (Chromaspinus)
  • Gorgo-urt Army on the go (Gorgosuchus)
  • I-guan-Oh Becky nuh-uh no-you-did-NT Army (Iguanosuchus)
  • John Cerazino Army (Cerazinosaurus)
  • Mediocre Metro Meteorologist Metria Army (Metriaphodon)
  • Pach-touch-dis Army (Pachygalosaurus)
  • Rock-you-like-a-hurricane by Scorpious (Duh)
  • Salty Pretzal Army (Pteraquetzal)
  • Steg-No-you-did-NT Molly Army (Stegnosuchus)
  • Yu-don messed up Army (Yudon)
  • something else

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I didn’t list Aquatic or Cenozoic Tourney Hybrids because I’m just passively working on them to get them on par within those parks.


Price drop gave me two hyaenodons today. :smiley:


Unlocked Gorgosuchus today!


F4F this week

Went overkill in 2nd battle because I was concerned about the hp on the 2 tanks

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Finally some good news from modded PVP. It’s been a long time since I got one of these. :grinning:


Hello I don’t know if anyone remembers me but I completed the pass at the last moments and I only played 12 out of 30 days