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Good News!


So far the maximum coins I received in an orange tower was 500, the maximum number of darts was 44 and the maximum number of bills was 10. Today on the way to work I received 900, 67 and 15 respectively. A very good news in very cold days even in the Mediterranean and in which it costs to walk.

However, according to the information provided, the maximum daily amounts are still 15,000 coins, 40 bills and one small incubator. If this is so, we can not get better prizes but at least we will get them faster. It’s something. Thanks !!! :slight_smile:


i don’t think that we can collected them faster due to new change i’ve noticed that many many orange supply poles mostly give 95 coins and many of them gave only darts


But that has always happened !!! Before, sometimes they gave only 44 darts or only 500 coins, although they usually distributed some coins and some darts. Now when they are only darts they are 67, when they are only coins they are 900 and when they distribute they are more than each.


I spent like two hours to complete the Orange supply drop because that 95 coins, i’m lvl 20 non vip and the recolection was tooo very slow more than before :confused:


Well, maybe it’s because I’m VIP but in an hour and a half I’ve collected 6970 coins and I think it would have been impossible before.


Maybe they know we people in the north just are not going to get out so they are enticing us to keep playing. Luckily I haven’t gotten any snow where I live where usually I do after Thanksgiving. As soon as we do get some real snow, my playing is going to go way down if not stop for a while.

If they haven’t lost a lot of players, they are going to as people who are paying the monthly VIP notice they got charged and cut it off because they haven’t been playing.


I am lucky that I live in Barcelona, in a temperate zone. For me a very cold day is a day of three or four positive degrees and seeing snow is a great illusion. In addition, although in winter there are fewer hours of sun, at least we have almost ten hours. Even so, it is difficult for me to capture the creatures during the day because I arrive at work almost at night and I leave almost at night. I consider how it should be to play very in the north with only four or five hours of “day”, coinciding with the jobs or the schools and the rest of “night”.



Not sure if bug or intended, but 50% increase over previous gains.
So 50% more cash, coins and dart than previous vip benefit.

Example: cash awarded by random vip incubators is now 15


Liking the increase; I would only hit the cap if I went out and about - now I can easily hit it using the two supply drops I can reach from my desk :smiley:

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What part of the Med are you from, bro?


I live near Barcelona. By your name, I suppose you in Greece, right? :slight_smile:


Correct, but I live and work in Dubai… :slight_smile:


well I worked for 6 months in Abu Dhabi :slight_smile:
Now I would like to be there with warm temperatures and sea baths when leaving work :slight_smile:

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