Good or bad

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Looks fine, but i would swap out argentino and suchotator. Lvl 6-7 seems a bit to low for your team.

And take stygimoloch this headsmashing goat is pretty cool with irritator g2. ( hit and run + swap in strike)

Agreed. You don’t want dinosaurs that are way lower than the main of your team. Argentinasaurus isn’t great anyway. From what I can see of your collection, I’d swap Argentina and Sucha out for Stgymoloch and Proceratasaurus.

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I have won more battles with sucha than with irritator g2

Change argentino for shield eater, gorgo

Suchotator underleveled is ok… bleed damage is the same regardless of level.

I recommend not powering up irratator gen 2 anymore and dump all of its dna into suchatator. It’s a MUCH better dino. And definitely put in something better than Argentinosaurus. You needed styg in your team and gorgo.