Good sign, or just a lucky day?

Everyone knows spawns have been really, um… poor, since the 1.5 update. Today I had a message that the game had been updated and needed to restart. Since then I have found -

Ouranosaurus X2

Anyone else have an oddly productive epic day?

I’m hoping it is indeed a good sign, and not jut a random lucky day.

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I saw a t-rex in the park next to me this morning but it was howling it down outside so I had to just stare at it from a distance till it vanished

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I do not have an update pending for Android.

Three Epic today: Anklosaurus, Spinotahraptor and Dimodactylus – the new Epic bird. I still have to go out for the evening run, but do not expect to run into more Epic… But I can hope! I can see three non-event rare nearby, two I will go for, the other too far out.

3 in one afternoon is luckier than usual, so yes.

I saw 3 - two Koolasuchus and one Baryonyx. I’m not complaining, but I’m not throwing a party, either.

On this morning’s traveling route, I got a Baryonxy and Spinotahraptor. When I arrived at my destination, Erliko and T-Rex spawned! TGIF! :grinning:

Update: Just got a Spino Gen 2!

First non-event epics I’ve seen all week were today:

Would love to see done Barry’s again…

I woke up to a mono right at my “feet”. Saw 4 epics in all today. Above average for me.

Who knows? Everything has changed with this migration. I’ve only seen one t-Rex since 1.5 and I live off a Main Street. I used to see them every other day.

I hope you’re right and I hope your luck is contagious.

I got 2 T-rex, 1 concavenator, 5 dimetrodon rare, 2 megalosaurus. It’s indeed a lucky day

Not for me, haven‘t seen an epic yet.

Still waiting for an epic

To update from yesterday.

Last night on my evening hunt, two Barry in my L4 hunting ground. Went to the store and a Sino was waiting in the parking lot. 6 in one day is or is near to a record for me. Yes, at least yesterday was either lucky or a good sign, I am going to go with lucky but hopeful for a good sign.