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Good Step or I will get a bad times

Hi guys,

I knew I had a little bit space in ferocity between indoraptor and And Metriaphodon and between Ostaposaur and Dimetricarnus. That don’t made my event some hard but that quite made me to worry about… i made a ferocity list of my team and figured out there no more space in ferocity as most of my dinos in middle of strong lineups are min. 3 levels 20 VIPs of each type, but that top made me to worry.

I decided to use my saved resources and a balance that ferocity a bit to set lower spaces in top, I instantly made a monostegotops which is now on third place (level 22 - Ferocity 8 423) and level up Metriaphodon to level 14 (Ferocity 8 712) to made him more closer to my Indoraptor, who is First with 9 072 ferocity. To made lower space between Ostaposaur and Dimetricarnus I leveled up one of my two level 15 tapejalocephalus to level 18.

So here is my team now now

.And here is ferocity

I don’t lost any creature by evolving, but I added one more creature to team (monostegotops)

Diameter First 3 creatures is now 8 736

Differences in ferocity now arent now more than 400 and lower and gradually, thanks to the same creatures, they blur and are minimum.

But for sure I want to ask if I am good now and don’t will hurt myself?

*numbers of ferocity are rounded to one number ( for exp. 735,6 = 736)


Wow! Your internet must be bad. It must have taken you a century to put this up! Aside from my joke, you could use gorgosuchus if you have it and wreck that team, yo.


ineed gorgosuchus to get a numerous back up of amphibians, but gorgo is locked

btw it seems you little attack on me? or…?


Theres also a lack of pteros at the top, you could use some more