Good team for estate?

Allosino will be replaced with Thor.

Try leveling up Enteloceros and Mammotherium
Your team needs more resilients
Go for Scorp Gen 3, IndoT, and Spinocon

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Reasonably strong for battles with genuine estates opponents (i got into aviary without uniques as i was focusing on fusing all dinos thats hybrid require it up to 15, so had a team mostly sub lvl 20 @ that point). You will face droppers on a semi-regular basis however, and thats a situation that will get worse when you hit aviary.

I went up against a lvl 26 team of uniques but I still won after that I haven’t seen any droppers.

Prob just was on a losing streak in aviary and got kicked out

A capable player with a team of lvl26 uniques shouldnt be any lower than the mid-aviary boundry, and im being kind in going that low…

I think monolometrodon is very good! Maybe swap it for allsino :smiley:

Monolometrodon couldn’t carry its own wait so I had to swap it out

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Oh ok, but leveled up its a beast. My team (including phorurex and indotaurus) got 3-0 by a mono

I will warn you right now, do not level up Indoraptor

Not planning on it

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And what constitutes a capable player. It obviously can’t be someone unintelligent enough to battle all day and lose. Rather than play other aspects of the game.

I hold my own. Even with the constant overmatching in aviary i run a c. 70% win record thanks to having a brain that is built for tactical thinking and processing more info than neurotypical individuals, one of the positives of my disabllity. Doesnt prevent that overmatching, largely thanks to cheats being frustrating though.

Now how about we cut out the trolling? :wink:

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How have you managed to get beaten 3:0 against a Mono while having Phorurex in your team?

Definitely would not recommend to invest in Mono at all.
As like many other creatures it obviously is viable as long as it is higher leveled or has more boosts on it as your opponent team.
But as soon as you reach end-game you will get destroyed :slight_smile:

Only level Mono if you really want to have it in your team. I also have mine at 30 just because I love its design :slight_smile:

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I just unlocked Thor today so that’s on the team for allosino

Mono is good and it’s easy to boost well and has lots of resistances. And it’s no good in late game only because of its rarity, I think you would be surprised at how much it can get you through aviary

I know Mono very well. I was running it at lvl 30 with 30 boosts for a relatively long time. But since it got nerved it is just not good enough anymore.

It is possible that it still is viable in early game arenas. But this for me is even another reason to not invest in it. Isnt this what we see with a lot of new players? They invest too much cash, DNA and especially boosts in creatures that are not relevant in the end-game. With this they are progressing well early on but then get stuck in mid game. And then they are lacking coins and boosts to do anything about it and are stuck there for a very long time.


How can you have a 70% win percentage when you say it takes you hours a day to fill incubators. It’s take me all of 15-20 minutes to get my 4 incubators. For someone boasting how smart they are and great at battling doesn’t seem post topics showing that.

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I constantly keep my incubators full, this means i need to win a significant number of battles a day. Because i am having to fight most of my battles against teams with dinos 4-5 levels above mine on average and frequently 6/7 above these battles take time due to the increased level of strategising involved, its not like i can one-hit these guys. I regularly have a single battle take 10mins or more. As such, 10 battles (for arguments sake) can quite easily take the 1.5-2 hours i have voiced my frustrations at having to spend battling some days, and thats before you tske into account time-outs and the potential for your opponent losing connection &/ ghosting. The maths is pretty straightforward.
Nice to see you out on your daily trolling of me, must be a satisfying life!

Not trolling just voicing my opinion of your “facts” that never add up. I always have my incubators full never takes more than 20-30 minutes a day battling. I know several people in the aviary who play completely unboosted and don’t spend half the time that you say it takes. But yet you constantly say how great you are at battling.