Good team for Jurassic ruins?

Right now I am stuck at 2250 and preparing for Jurassic ruins My team is:
lvl 19 Allosino (not boosted)
lvl 16 coelhaast (not boosted)
lvl 18 para lux ( not boosted)
lvl 21 scorpios g3 ( saving for boosts)
lvl 16 alloraptor (boosted)
lvl 16 indo g2 (boosted)
lvl 16 dodoceivia (unboosted)
lvl 17 spinoyx ( boosted)


Oops sorry I accidentally put 2250, it’s actually 3250

You need at least one more Resilient dino in your team. I suggest Woolly Rhino instead of Coelhaast

get that para lux out for rhino

My rhino is still at level 11 and I don’t have a lot of coins.

Mammotherium and eremeoceras got me out of JR

When I was at Jurassic Ruins my Rhino was lvl 11
After the season ended, It became 18
Still, it’s helpful