Good Testa Rework?

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No. Cleansing Rampage is the LAST thing it needs.


1: it lost counter power heal
2:: cleansing decelerating impact changed for superiority impact
3: it lost minor heal on escape for swap in heal
4: Devastation changed for cleansing rampage


Removing Cleansing Decelerating Impact only to give it Cleansing Rampage makes removing RCD ultimately pointless.

Swapping On Escape Heal for Swap-In Heal is equally redundant since if it’s not up against something with No Escape or On Escape Rampage then there’s nothing stopping it from swapping out to something the player is ok with sacrificing or something like Ceramagnus, Scorpios, or Monolorhino coming in for the kill, survive the next two turns, and then swap back into their faster Testacornibus, rinse and repeat.

A better rework would be downgrading it’s Cleansing Decelerating Impact to simply Decelerating Impact and removing its Swap Prevention Resistance entirely.

Devastation is fine as is because it can be negated by armor and shields, but Dig In should be the only Cleansing ability any of the more powerful Resilients can have, and Testacornibus has no business having two Cleansing abilities. Meanwhile, that it can still escape a Grypolyth with a 33% chance of success is honestly pretty infuriating for me.

Frankly, no pure Resilient should have any Swap Prevention resistance, but at least in Mammolania’s defense, it doesn’t have the same damage output that Testacornibus can pull off, but that’s just my opinion.


Here’s mine


Leave it as is IMO. I’m sick of nerfs with no boost reset

I agree lol, just buff the bad uniques and the apexes