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Good time for VIPs to spend those 950 DB on a wheel re-spin

Given that VIPs get 3x LPs, I think this is a good time to spend those 950DBs on the (stakeholder’s) loyalty points event. For 950DB you get 2100LPs minimum, which I consider a good deal based on the rarity of the two currencies, but it isn’t that unlikely to get more, up to 4500LPs, that’s half a VIP creature!



I typically do the re spin on this event every week. But yes today it is extra worth it.


The rich get richer :stuck_out_tongue:


In general terms, all things being equal, how much do you value DBs vs LPs? In the trade harbour they seem to be valued equally, but based on their use and rarity of obtaining, I tend to value LPs at about 50%-60% of the value of a DB. That is, I would trade 50-60 DBs for 100LPs. I know this changes for non VIPs so I imagine that as a non-vip it would be closer to 60%-75%.

We are sacrificing 3 barista coffees each month for this privilege!


I value DB more than LP but I figure the worst I can do is 950 DB for 1,400 LP which is about 0.68 : 1 ratio but the best I can do is 0.32 : 1 and this is on the standard 2xLP boost today with the 3x the ratio is even better.

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