Good tips for lord lythronax?

I’ve tried beating lord lythronax a bunch of times now and with my mediocre creatures I can’t seem to beat it. Any good strats?

do you have indotaourus? even a lv 21 will work.
it just needs to survive 2 turns against LL on revenge.

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I unfortunately don’t have indot

oof. that one makes LL super easy.
I’m not sure now. hopefully someone can help.

Use bleeders and swap in creatures.

With your team… it’s gonna be a serious challenge–as in, I’m not sure you’ll be able to do it without leveling up or unlocking some other new creatures. Best bet will probably be trying to chunk it down with Thor, then bringing in Erlidom to score a big hit and swapping to MRhino to try to score the final KO.

For reference, I did it with a level 27 Thor, level 25 Dioraja, level 24 Spinocon (unboosted), and level 22 MRhino (which I didn’t need for the final attempt). It took me multiple attempts to win, requiring luck with LL’s moves, my own crits, and Spinocon’s dodge.

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Ok thanks for the advice!

For LL, use Erlidom, Phorurex, Dracoceratops, and Grypolyth.
Start with Phoru, use cautious cunning rampage, then erlidom, cloak+rampage, then swap to dracoceratops. should work

Good luck with goat :wink: 3rd round jn special bosses I got everything done beginner and intermediate using indotarus


What if phoru is slower than lythronax :thinking:

I have beaten every boss in that chapter using a 21 indot and a sacrifice XD Even the higher difficulty if you have that you are golden

Ah sorry just saw you don’t have him

It has 60% armor and a 50% resistance to rend, I don’t see that strategy working well

Get Indot as quickly as possible. Indot, even at level 22, can help you with almost all of the Special Bosses, excluding Dodo, even on Intermediate difficulty. Use something like Skoona to do some damage, then when Skoona dies throw in Indot, go Cloak. It may take a bit of luck but Indot is the key to beating some of the Special bosses.


What about Indom?

Would not reccomend due to LL’s invincibility.

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Oh, it does?

I used phorurex to begin, swapped to scorp gen 3. It used the invincibility move. I used scorps lethal quill shot to get some quick dot on it. Died. Dodged twice as phorurex, then a lethal rampage and run to finish it off.

If you think this one is hard, wait till you verse “GOAT”. That one isn’t possible with most of my team. I have phorurex and scorp gen 3 boosted heavily and lvl 26. This thing goes through cloak and dodge!

Edit: I got it to 99hp then it went back to 2.1k. Pretty sure 1.8k dmg on phorurex would work if you do the armor piercing move twice, then lethal rampage and run. For this to work, you need to use a decent dino like diorajasaur to take the distracting hit.

INDOTOURS that guy is SOO good for this guy, highly recommend.

Lol, I used a lvl 28 (boosted) allosino and a lvl 21 indot (no boosts)

My Allosino has 5700ish hp, 2200ish attack and 120 speed

Got screenshots to

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