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Good way to end battling for a bit


Wont be here long. But enjoying it while it lasts.

Back to battling Monday!


Congrats! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congrats I’m still trying to climb the hill to Lockdown. Got there once and then lost 200 trophies :(.

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Congrats! Good job!

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Congrats Wrothgar…great job! Am still in the Ruins… :slight_smile:

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@wrothgar: You are resting till this Monday or till the end of this tournament?

Asking because I feel the last couple of days during every tournament are extremely tough.
In the last two tournaments, I have been kicked down from Rank 94 to out of 250 and even out of Top 500 just because of my greed to get a few more incubators!!

I am planning to stop battling around Thursday-Friday with hopefully around 100 trophies above Rank 500.

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@torque I dont battle on sundays, I generally spend the day with my family away from video games mostly and do other things (visit friends/family etc., church, all that.) With 6 kids we try to turn off screens most of the day and interact with each other :slight_smile:

That said, I hear ya. I plan to do the same friday or Saturday.


And thanks all for the congrats!!!


You know something, i realize im a little burnt out.

Talked to pocemon, he is too.

Im gonna take a break. From arena anyway.


This season has been a bit different than earlier ones. More unpredicatable and tougher than previous ones! I am definitely not going to take risk during the last few days.

Another factor that irritated me is a highly leveled Draco G2, which comes out of nowhere and kills the 3rd dino (Even while having a 4th full health dino).

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