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Goodbye ads? (Update 5 July - ads returned but very rare)

I no longer see any ads even on VPN. :cry:

That is quite unusual, dracarys. If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team at so they can have a look. Don’t forget to include your support key as it can help them locate your account faster. Thank you!

Thank you. Will try that. I used to get 8 ads per hour, now they are completely gone.

Just want to point out this seems to be an issue for everyone. Before the update, you were able to get 5-10 ads per hour for different tasks like exploration and journeys. After the update, I managed to get 8 ads in total. And 24 hours later, still no more. There just isn’t the option there to watch an ad. Viewing the ads themselves (when I could actually opt to watch them) wasn’t an issue though.
Everyone in the discord server are reporting these same issues.

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Got the same issue as well. For about 1 1/2 days now I don’t have gotten even the option to watch an add anymore.

I never got a reply from support, Ronald.
The option to watch ads is still missing.

What failed looks like for me.

The support rep keeps telling me that there is no issue and that the ads do not show up because I’ve reached the limit. How can I reach the limit when I’ve NEVER seen an ad since the update?

The rep has told me at least twice now and I keep telling him the same thing. It’s frustrating!

Did the others get the option to watch ads again?

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My ads are working again for the most part

Nope still not a single add since the update.

Ads still broken. There’s like one every two hours. Sigh

I just wish we could go back to how ads were two months ago before Ludia started finding new ways to break them over and over again every other week