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Goodbye Epic Strike Events!

My biggest reason for playing JWA was epic events…now that i am unable to beat them,and i can’t find another reason to play this game.

And why was that my biggest reason to play JWA?

Because the battles were never funny after the RAT have “Swap in Rampage” and gave me defeat…

And the tournaments?

Why play this?to have defeats after defeats all caused by RAT???

I never thought i would say that,but…i miss you Stat Boosts 1.0!

I hope you understand me…

It’s just an opinion about how bad withdrawing Stat Boosts was for me!!


Aren’t strike events supposed to be a challenge?


Level 30 creatures are supposed to be a challenge. Without the boost crutch, they can be fun again.


Nah, people are entitled and should get everything for free. :roll_eyes:

I guess OP never played before boosts.


Yeah, why not grind out some high level creatures? Then you can beat the strikes the way we had to before boosts.


It’s much easier to complain.


Well the op was playing before boosts I believe. But there team is lower end and boosts helped them get through the towers. Just like a lot of players. Personally I can’t wait to play it unboosted.

You need to buff up your team buddy with leveling up too. I like this change, we have been spoiled by boosts.


They take strategy now not BOOSTED brute force. Pepito has always put out excellent strike tower tactics. If you do not have the same creates at the same level, ask in that thread for others to help.

Here is an interesting one I found about today’s strike. Talk about strategy!

EDIT: They did today’s strike with 2 – Level 10, 1, level 11 and one level 19.


Was impress by this strat actually and talk a little with the creator of the video. Sadly it doesn’t work if rex comes first :frowning:

Personally I dont like using too much high lvl uniques dinos so I try to find something with lower levels that works for any order because the AI like to change sometimes xD

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This is why I love the new boosts. Before, I would just boost the same 8 creatures and basically every strike tower was soloed by the same 4 creatures unless I was trying someone new. Now, I can’t do that. I can’t be like “oh I’m just gonna spend speed boosts until my Allosinosaurus is faster than the enemy and just two shot them.” Now, I’m actually going to think about who I want to boost.


Pre 1.10 I used to smash every Epic strike tower with my boosted Indominus and Indoraptor. Now, I don’t have that superior punch and today’s tower tore me in half. I was disappointed I didn’t beat it but I had fun trying.


I was able to beat the Epic strike tower with mostly naked dinosaurs with the exception of Thor. I had Level 22 Indom, Level 23 Thor, Level 21 Erlidom, and Level 22 Allosino in my line up. Critted Rex with Thor to the point it had 435 health left then picked up the scraps with Erlidom. Erlidom got one shotted by Indom Gen 2 after I took 2500 of its health. Put Indom in which finished Indom Gen 2 and also one shotted Echo. It is not that difficult. Maybe you need to adjust your selection.


For me Trex g2 came first, then Echo and Indom g2 last.

Thor lvl 28
Quetzorion lvl 23
DC lvl 25.
Tryko lvl 26 came in as decoy.

Expected Indominus so started with Thor. Beat Trex with Thor, stun didn’t work on Echo. Quetzorion finished Echo, Nullifying Rampage and AP Strike before Indominus finished Quetzorion. DC finished Indominus. Didn’t wanted to risk APR crit.

I’m still little rusty at planning after so many months of trivial strikes.


I beat it but it took me 2 tries. It started with rex G2, and since Lil’ Kapro has unboosted attack I could not start with him, so Rex G2 chewed through 2 of my best critters twice.
Third time, the bot started with Indom G2. I started with Tyrannolopho, nipped its Mutual Fury in the bud with nullify, dropped Kapro, got rid of the Indom G2, got killed by Echo. Brought out Noodle Titan, beat Echo, got killed by Rex G2. Enter Domi the Erlidom. Cloak, and although cloak failed, rampage took out Rex G2. Best reward was the Bary G2 dna, but got a 10 fuse on Spinonyx … -.-

So we just copy someone’s strat after they do it, I’m ok with that.

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I know it’s to be difficult!

But i’ll take the double of the time to get DNA to evolve or create my creatures…

If it can help you, I dont see reasons not to copy it. But I think you need to understand the strat in case it doesn’t go as the video ^^

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The basics of this one isn’t that hard to understand, use %hp damage while avoiding the bigger hits, the little raptors have always been easy to take out, they are pretty useless once slowed, and distraction for the big fellow.

Basically. First watch the video to see the order. Most times it will be the same. I can pull some attack damage numbers from the strike creatures so I know what I am up against. It is nice to know what Rex’s first chomp is going to do BEFORE I face it!

Then watch the video again to compare against what I have. Usually I have to make substitutions if what they used has more damage/hp or speed than what I have available. Most times I have to match or best the video attack damage to beat the tower.

It is a fun event for me. Get the spreadsheet out and see if I can survive a Crit and make sure I at least stand a chance at it.

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Basically yeah, but doesn’t work if rex comes first sadly.