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Goodbye Everyone

After much time of consideration, I have decided to uninstall Jurassic World Alive. But before I do, I have a few things to say.

When I first joined the forums, I had no idea what to do. It was my first time being part of an online community. Thankfully, some members were kind enough to welcome me with open arms. So for that, I thank you.

Also, a big thanks to the people who gave me advice, read my posts, and acted friendly. Some of these include: @Colin_Goodman, @Procerathomonomimus, @Baryonyx, @Oriondestiny, and many more. You have all been truly amazing.

So, as I close this last post up, let me just say some things to you all:

Stay strong against the rat and cheap shot dinos/hybrids and don’t give in to using them.

Treat the other community members fairly.

Respect the staff who keep this website running in the first place.

And finally, be role model Jurassic World Alive players.

Now Ludia might still not give us what we specifically ask for, (balance, equality, more natural dinosaurs) but at least be patient with them. Who knows, they may even add something beneficial?

And with that, I conclude my farewell speech. Goodbye everyone and a solemn farewell.



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