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Goodbye jurassic world alive

it has been a good one year playing it. but this update really lets me down to resilient creatures. Some of this resilient creatures are useful for deafeating apexes for example ankyntro that has medium counter resilient strike that could be use to defeat refre and haast. means the strat that uses ankyntro doesnt work anymore. and even with dioraja and gemini. they cant slow down anymore. i feel sad for low level players that use ankyntro to defeat refre and haast. i decide to quit when the update lands. I just hope they put back the resilient creatures to normal as well as the fierce creatures that used to have 100% vulnerablitiy resistance changed to 50%.

Is that really the reason why you quit :moyai:

Because ankytro? I mean you do realize there will be more strats out there right?


not really. is just that you cant use reslient creatures anymore because they cant slow down

i’m so close unlocking hadros and cera but this update i think i dont need to unlock it

Don’t be so dramatic dude, they’ll probably still remove speed increase and such, even then the big sauropods still have access to slowing moves.


Agreed, there will always be more strats out even though apex raids are meant to be hard

Bruh decelarating ability still exist, ankyntrosaur strat still working, we just need to calculate the damage output. We don’t need to slow down the boss if tuora still exist.


wdym, they probably became stronger

Quitting thread.