Goodbye Ludia


I am done with this game…I thought this was a game where u have to walk around to find dinosaurs not just pay out the butt and hope to get them in incubators…I wanted blue and was 30 dna short because the drone started firing on its own and Ludia claims no problems happened during the event but I said ok I will just walk around and look for her but then I hear she is only available in incubators c’mon man really?This game was going to be a huge success but the support,battle system and hackers took it down faster than the titanic…Good luck to everyone else still playing have fun beating the level 30 bots and the hackers✌


Have not vs any hackers and there’s ways to avoid lvl 30 bots on win streaks. Blue will most likely get pushed out into the wild sooner or later.


Maybe. Its kind of a money grab ploy I feel, they’ll hold on to that jewel as long as they can. But I feel this guy. I cant even bring myself to go get the sinoseritops today and I don’t even have it. Idk. Games losing its appeal like pogo did when they waited to long to make it good.


Starting to feel that way too, and it hasn’t even been a week since I went VIP.

It might make a difference if there was more communication on what’s being done, what’s being looked at, etc. The IP deserves at least that much effort, to say nothing of us fans and patrons. There’s too much potential and the dinos are so beautifully portrayed that it would suck to see the game tank entirely due to incompetence and greed.


Whaaaaaa! I deserve to catch Blue.


i deserve Blue and 10,000 DNA to get to level 30. But why does everyone else have Blue too? Not fair.