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Goodbye tommy_paoli

@tommy_paoli is living on may 22 at 8:00 I am going to miss you buddy :sob:

Is he died? @Apple gonna miss him liked us :frowning:

No he isn’t dead

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Would still gonna miss him!

Also May 22 8:00 but which years? 2025? 2045? 9999??? Until skynet control the whole universe? Or until the last episode of The Dragon ball???

2021 is when he is living

Well the date means what day he gets unbanned
The only way to know is if they told you.

I don’t care if he quits because it’s his choice.

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Thats a jokes…

I did not lie click on his name @tommy_paoli

It means he is banned until then like spino_dude


Like the guy who likes ditto


Can I get an explanation on what is happening por favor? I don’t quite understand…

Wait. Why they get banned?

My guess is for pining too many people at once? Or perhaps an argument. Although I kinda feel like this is an alt of his judging from this post.

Shhhhh stop giving me away

Wait, who? What?

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@Kind_pegasus_95 I got suspended for a bit :slight_smile:

I don’t know why I’m smiling :slight_smile:

Oh no. What happened?

let’s just say I stole art.