This is a post to say goodbye. The attention I seek is not from peers but from Ludia. I want them to be able to see that their broken game is no longer fun, it is no longer about strategy. It’s whoever holds the boosts and rat wins the game. If they get rid of boosts I’ll come back but until then adios amigos. Sanctuaries I thought would be fun but the higher the level of sanctuary the lower amount of dna harvested from interacting with the dinos. What’s the point it would take me even longer to do it that way. Rant post it will probably get deleted. :v:t4:

Can I have your stuff?



But sorry to say this won’t get ludias attention :sweat_smile: they’re just gonna close the thread as soon as one of the forum mods wakes up and sees this.

Enjoy your life, though! Cheers



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its like loosing an arm then asking for it back… just gotta learn how to deal with out it… ive actually had more fun with this game then ever before. the game was stale before.