Google Log In and Nicknames

Do not have facebook and the only option you have is to enter as a visitor? Running the risk that if you leave or uninstall the game, all the progress will be lost. Why do not you log in with google and create a nickname once the tutorial is done. And just like the idea of ​​having friends on facebook, you can add them through the nickname and / or player number, in the same way choose an image that represents your profile, as well as an avatar, or as in Jurassic World Alive, an image that represents you and that all see. In the case of those who initiate facebook, be able to have the option of the same way of putting a nickname, or else, keep the name of facebook. For some it’s frustrating to be called xXProGamerMasterXx and you have to refrain from calling, Hmm, I know, Josh? Yes, the facebook user hahaha, well, it’s an idea of ​​the bunch, hopefully it can be taken into account

You just read my mind.