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Google Play refund experience

Hey Gamer,

After the Boost 2.0 update Ludia changed a product that i paid for, got changed in a way i didnt spend my real money on it.

Ludia sold me a product for a price i was alright to pay for.
Now they changed the product and devalued the product and my real money without a exchange.

I think about a Google Play refund request to get my money back. 400€ i know it is a lot but i liked the game. But after getting betrayled and robbed i dont want to support this behaver.

Question now:
After the request and (hopefully) a refund will my account get banned?

Good luck with that. Ludia has a no refund policy. You’ll get a message saying this and that you won’t get your money back.

What Ludia did to boosts falls in a grey area under the Google Play refund category. Tho Ludia won’t refund us, asking Google may net some compensation.
Edit: Not sure on Apple’s standpoint.

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I tried getting a refund during the time Ludia was ok with the people exploiting the bug for more boosts. Ludia was ok with cheaters which goes against Google plays policy.

I was pretty much told to go screw myself and get over it by Ludia

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It’s criminal what they’ve done. They know it and they don’t care. Supposedly they spent months “trying” to balance Boosts.

Ludia: “Let’s strink the value of boosts so they’re forced to buy even more.”


This will be the biggest backlash they’ve gotten so far. I’m changing my review for sure. Just need to word it well for new people.


I’ve canceled my VIP. But i’m going to hold off on a refund request until i see if they make an attempt to correct things


The first 2 online games that I ever paid money into closed down completely. So, I don’t buy anything without thinking (and being ok with) this game might not exist next month.


Hope they do fix this because this is ridiculous !

Learnd my lesson.
Never ever support a F2P game.

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To be honest if explained to Google play and if they deem fit yes you will get a refund. I know some player today who has already been refunded.

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You dont talk to ludia… you talk to google or apple… and continue to escalate the issue.

The way Ludia altered a sold product is an issue for both stores policies.

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I did talk to Ludia. I messaged them directly. Even called them too.

Spend any hardcash you have in advance of your refund cause once it goes through you wont be banned but Ludia will zero out your hardcash regardless of how you got it.

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Thats what you did wrong… talk to google or apple…maybe your bank. Never Ludia.


While I have gotten cash back in the past for things like Ludia and their cheater stance (or lack thereof), it may be harder in this case since you technically didn’t buy boosts. You bought hard cash - which acted just like it is supposed to - used to buy in game items; coins, scents, incubators, and yes, boosts.

This may be a hard sell to google.

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I did both before, I was forced to talk to Ludia after Google couldn’t contact them since I was requesting a refund after their 48 hour grace period.

I went back and forth for a WEEK. Between Google and Ludia. Then Ludia just told me off and Google nor PayPal could get my money back.

So you admit to lying to get money back. First off, shame on you. Second off, I understand people want refunds, but it is literally the first day of this. No one is giving Ludia a chance to make it right. But how do you make it right? You can’t just keep changing something until it works. There is a post asking for feedback on this. If they actually listen to the players, there is a solution. A friend and I are on two opposite ends of this, but you can tell me what you think.

  1. Change boost cost to ~30 per tier, not the 100 that it is based on. changing cost per tier would make boost prices in the shop back to being a reasonable amount. just bump the shop boosts up to 30/500 HC so one purchase is one tier.
  2. leave the cost per tier as is, but change the shop price to 100/500 HC. It will be effectively the same option one, just higher numbers.
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No shame on Ludia. I dont think what he did was right but honestly who cares. Ludia made money off of customers and screwed them. And were gonna point fingers at people who got screwed out of their money. The way I see it it’s like a crook ripping stealing money from people and the losing money to someone else. Do I really feel bad about the crook no. Am I gonna cheat Ludia out of their money no because morally I dont agree with it but I dont judge others for doing it it’s not my place. If Ludia wanted to make it right they’d offer refunds

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Google Play and Ludia both will probably deny a refund and maybe legally it’s alright what the makers of the game did, but morally it’s soooooo wrong!

Honestly they should be sued or something.

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