Google play to my Facebook account

@ludia I want to switch my Google play account to my Facebook account and keep my save game from my Google play account bc when I switch to my Facebook account it start me over I just want to do this so I can do this so my iPhone 6 can have my save when I connect to my Facebook account on my iphone and I’m doing this on my tablet

Do you want to still be connected to Google play as well?
I’ve had them do this for me. It’ll take a couple days to get everything sorted. You’ll have to contact them through the support email.
Oh and to avoid any accidental new games on either account, when support says they are moving the account, you shouldn’t be on the game on either device for a day max.

What they will do is overwrite the new profile on your iPhone with your main game. Then from inside the game, connect to your Facebook account and it will he linked and on your iphone.

If you wish to still have it on Google play as well, open the game on the device you want to use your Google account with. Then connect the new game to Facebook. This should overwrite that new guest account with your Facebook one. Double check the support keys and levels, just in case. Then when that is done, you can connect it to a Google play account.

But first thing is first. Contact support and explain what you want to do so they can get the ball rolling.


No I don’t want to be connected to my Google play account on my SAMSUNG-SM-T377A I want to keep my save game on my Google play account but switch it to my Facebook account bc my iPhone don’t have Google play so on my iphone I’m an guest but I’ll do that tho thx for the advice

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Hey GamingDragon14, if you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team here at Our team would be happy to try and help you with this.