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Gooooood morning!


Hello everyone, hope everyone is having a good morning.
I woke up to this little fella in front of my house.

I won’t complain, I got enough fuse dna for my I-rex, just need the 20k to level it up now.


That’s a fine good morning!


Thats when you know its going to be a good day


Wish i could have that, haven’t seen a trex in about 2 weeks😫


They’re hiding, I swear. Lol
This is the first one I’ve seen in about the same time frame. Was a nice little treat to see.


Hiding? I think they are going extinct…again😂


Shhhhhh… I don’t want to think about that. :laughing:

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Got 1 Sinoceratops and 3 T-Rex spawns at the office today! In L3… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


There are an increase in T-rex sightings today.


you have a lovely home - very symmetrical.

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And this is what a good night looks like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Found 16 Baryonyx that night)

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Thank you. Its perfect for me and my pets. :slight_smile:

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Holy cow! I’m lucky to find one Baryonyx a week.


1 morning i woke up to find brachiosaurus in my drone range, i need 29more dna to create it


Rely wants to know what’s for breakfast. Maybe a nice juicy goat?


Found a T Rex near my house today on the way home from work. First one that I have seen in weeks.


I had it happen again. XD

My birthday too. So happy birthday to me~


Happy Birthday @Asta! :birthday: :gift:


Thank you :heart:


happy bday