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Gorgo speed bug

My gorgotrebax was faster but the opponent magna went first.

Thanks for reporting this to us, MikkoAmour. Could I ask you to send those screenshots to our support team at so our team can investigate? Please include your support key in the email as well.

Done and done

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Gorgotrebax was not faster guaranteed.

The stats when boosted are visually mis-represented when the boost is over. On that particular turn your Gorgotrebax was unlikely to still be 174 speed.

This visual bug has been around forever. That’s all this is.

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I used speed up cunning strike, then cautious impact. I should’ve been 174 speed for that turn. Speed up cunning strike speeds up for 2 turns, and cautious impact speed up more for 1 turn. For that single turn, my speed was 174. But I didn’t go first.

Your pictures look like they tell another story but not sure.

So you used group accelerating cunning strike on the previous opponents creature, then used cautious impact on Magna?

What was Magna’s first move?