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Gorgo's insane nullifying rampage with 7172 in damage, in 4th round!

This just happened in a Gorgo raid - in the 4th round, after many turns of battle, Gorgo gave the nullifying rampage with 7172 in damage! And of course, even we all had shields, everybody died.

What’s the point of this move in the design? Really? This thing cannot be distracted, and shields won’t work for this move. 7172 damage, who can stand that? And in the last round? We could only say something that cannot be posted here…

Ludia, can you do something with the Gorgo raid design?!


It can be distracted though? Its just resistant.

Yea. I find that half the time, it DOESNT target what it says.

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No it’s 100% resistance to distraction.

no you are thinking of the gorgo you get the raid boss is 755 damage reduction resistant, 80 % dot 50% vulnerable 100 % stun 50% speed decreae 80% rend and 50% crit reduction so yeha i got one of those 7k crit hits to the face before

Gorgotrebax itself have 100% distract immunity, but the Gorgotrebax Boss have only 75% distraction immunity.

Ya but it bring to down to just 6,000 damagish not really that helpful

Towers and Dio can stand that quite easy.
What strat do you use?

If you don’t kill the second minion turn 1 and then kill it T2, the revenge won’t trigger and it’ll only target one creature.

The 2 Gem, Tuo and Tryo strat works for our alliance all the time…

It’s because the entelodon used group ferocity in round 4 turn 1. In this case you need the skoolasaurus to use tip the scales to remove the buff on the rampage of gorgotrebax. Ideally not killing the 2 minions on round 4 turn 1 is better.

I mean I have been doing fine using the lvl 20 skoola strat with a big thor, tenrex and tuora so it might just depend on what strat you use. I don’t remember seeing that much damage in round 4 but skoola put his shields up and tenrex used a distract

no its 50 resistance

No I just checked. It’s a 75% resistance. The actual creature once you have it is 100%

also the strat that always works for me is skoola@20, tenontorex @29, thorado@30 (lots of boosts) and tuora@26 it says but usually we use 30’s

Yes I use that strat too works like a charm

We were using the tenon strat. All the minions had been killed. Tenon just had the distraction move against the Gorgo boss. All the dinos had shields. Then the boss threw a nullifying rampage with 7172 in damage, wiping off the whole team.

I doubt any strategy can withstand this rampage. 7172 is AFTER the tenon distraction.

If the Entelodon had used Group Takedown before it was offed, then the Skoolasaurus should have gone for Tip the Scales on Turn 2 of Round 4, though it should do that regardless to be on the safe side.

Nullifying Rampage removes the shields before it hits, so Distraction and armor are the only ways anything can tank the Rampage.

But that being said, the group attacks and high damage actually aren’t the real problem with Gorgotrebex; rather, it’s the fact that it can and sometimes does use the Revenge mechanic twice, which can throw a huge wrench into any strat.

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This is what the Skoola and Tenrex have to do to lower that damage
Skoola: 3,2,4,1 4,3,4 1,4,3 4,2
Tenontorex: 4,1,2,3 4,3,2 4,3,2 4,3,1

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