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Gorgosaurus + Skoolasaurus Hybrid Idea


4440 hp
1550 dmg
109 speed
30% armor
20% crit

Vulnerability Strike
Defense shattering impact
Distracting Rampage
Distracting Shield

Nullifying counter
Swap in defense
Immune to Vulnerability
Immune to Stuns

Let me know your thoughts and ideas!

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I would switch long protection for ferocious strike

Sounds like a good hybrid, maybe change vulnerability strike to surperior vulnerability.

I think it needs Nullyfing aswell :thinking:

oh yes I forgot, it has nullifying counter. Thanks for reminding me!

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Strike or only the effect?

I’d rather not, that would be too op for it’s damage rate already. Especially with Vulnerability strike

superior vulnerability would be waaaayyyyy too op for the damage this thing does already, thats why I kept it at vulnerability strike

I guess that makes sense

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the effect, im pretty sure Nullifying counter does not do damage

Nice, then it’s pretty solid, good stats, good move set, maybe just get away immune to stuns, because that abilities is too much​:thinking:, the only thing that doesn’t break it it’s the speed control :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, just imagine superior vulnerability on this thing

Interesting hybrid! Though I would switch the impact and the rampage, that way, the Skoolagorgo (the name I would give it) would be able to distract the opponent T1.

Or give it distracting shield instead distracting rampage and long protection, and give it Nullyfing impact aswell

I can agree with that

I’ll replace long protection for distracting shield

actually nvm I’m not going to switch the moves or else it would just be a better tenontorex

It’s a pretty good idea, the only problem I have with it is it’s speed. It definitely deserves to be faster than Thor and Tenontorex. I think somewhere around 117 speed would be fine.