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Gorgosaurus tournament

thank you to those that have been posting your data, I had some gaps in mine (doing the videos has added increased time away from the game):

I have a large range on the predictions at this point, the bottom could be between 1,200 and 1,400 at this point. After another 10 hours or so I should have a better handle on if it is is going to trend up or if it will be steady, after that I will update my predictions.


I’m excited about this unlock and happy that my lineup has gotten to a point where I don’t have the spend a lot of dino bucks to be in the top 1%. It’s made the last few tournaments a lot better!


Lots of data. My data from last night. Mine and my son’s current data. Did a little work on my own account.

Morning run




Spin wheel had been shockingly bad.


Narrowing the range to 1,200-1,300 for the bottom of Dominator, if you don’t want to check the tournament or need to plan for cooldowns anything above 1,500 is clearly safe, probably above 1,400 is also safe. As long as the tournament does not do anything screwy the rest of the time it should settle around 1,250. If I see anything screwy in the data I will post an update here.

A little more than 24 hours left in the tournament good luck to all of those aiming to get this unlock for the first time.


In honor of Prince. And I think I’m done with this tourney.


Yet another tournament day over


I may close this tournament now for me.


I’m out. I’m 45th in predator which isn’t usually an issue, I can normally fight up to dominator easily but I’m getting much harder matches and as I have gorgo unlocked I’m using my best creatures for events - if I use them on the tournament there’s no guarantee that I’ll get the 300 points to get into dominator needed without cooling down or leaving myself unable to fight tomorrow’s events - I’m well short of sions predicted 1200 let alone the possible 1500 it could require

Stopping now

The 1,500 is if you do not want to worry about it fluctuating and don’t want to check in on this tournament.


From past experience, seems that the game makes it more difficult to climb later in the tourney than earlier on. I once let myself fall into predator the final day or so, then faced ridiculous matchups and eventually gave up. Not sure if it’s a rule, but rise early and fall late seems to work.


That’s been my experience, too. I am at 1510 and done for the night.

I’m going to show my age, but the Prince reference makes me think of this scene in a great film that entranced me in my childhood…

He stole my balloons!


Where does he get those wonderful toys?

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Grey Ghost? Learnt that watching DC cartoons with my daughter.

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Definitely best to do as many rounds early on as you can. I’ve for sure found it easier to hold onto a Dominator placement than try to chase it from behind. Particularly since the weekdays always tend to be a bit slower. I went to bed the first night in 1st place by a couple hundred points… and woke up still in 1st. Yesterday I went to bed in 1st, by a slightly smaller margin but still well in 1st… and woke up down around 20th. I definitely pay attention as well to which days I’m going to need high level dinos from my tournament lineups, and will try to build up more of a lead if I know I’ll have to sit out a lot on another day (today with the carnivores and herbivores doing double duty although the events ended up not needing as many high level ones as I anticipated… made up for my pteros yesterday basically being benched all day!)


My data for tonight. I may do more, or I may work on Clash of Titans. We shall see


Hello Everyone. Please call me G I’m new here. I’ve been a forum ghost for a little while but have always really appreciated the information that Sionsith and others have provided. So, decided to take said gentleman’s suggestion to join the forum.

I’m a long-time player but have had two long breaks away from the game so my menagerie of creatures is less than it normally would be. But I also like to measure myself with spending (Non-VIP member), and take my time enjoying the game, so there’s that too.

Last tournament was my first Dominator win. This gauntlet has been much more challenging but given my most ferocious creature is my LV 20 Indominus I’m proud of how well I’ve done. Hoping to stay in Dominator for the unlock.

As mentioned above I just want to thank everyone for the data and thoughtful post that they provide. It really is tremendously helpful. Also didn’t want to make a whole topic just for my introduction, so sorry for being off topic in the first part of the post.



Hello G, it’s a pleasure go meet you.
Congratulations to you first finish in dominator. I’m sure there will be many more.


Nothing out of the ordinary so far with the data:

The bottom of Dominator should end somewhere between 1,225 and 1,275 is my prediction. Anything above 1,300 and you should be safe.

Welcome to the forums @G-ReptilianFoot.