Gorgosuchus/baryonyx or rex?

Now if you were at my posti v seca you’ll know I’ve reached badlands. I’m getting toward epic hybrids and also baryonyx. Are either good for my team (one spot reserved for posti).

The team

Gorgosuchus progress (kapro is comman enough and I have gorgo lvl 9 because of fierce creatures) are either a good relaplacmet for rex

Short answer= gorgo>rex>baryonix

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Gorgosuchus is the best choice. Fast and capable of some serious damage.

Gorgosuchus changed my life in Sorna Marshes… go for it

Rex is good, but not as good as gorgo

Baryonyx is useless… save the DNA for Tryostronix

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+1 from Arnold’s post 100%
Don’t level Bary Tryo is a beast save dna
I still use gorgo he’s the highest level on my strike team. at lvl 16 gorgo still changes battles.

I am aware, I was considering bary until lvl 15

Agree with that