Gorgosuchus Changed?! :-(


No more adrenaline surge and rejuvenation for the Gorgo!!! That sucks!!!


They noticed that before update, many players blamed on that in the past several days.

Now the problem is, they did other balance change on not mentioned dinos.:rofl:


I like this change it make gorgho can hit at least 3 time now. Before update when he get slowed it the end. :smiley::smiley:


She lost health regen though, so idk how well she can survive 2 hits without it


Think the cleanse impact is better imo most of time it’s slower than what you come up against and the Adrenalin surge is a waste of move coz you’d just gonna get it took off you again plus another hit. It’s only good if your faster


The tento has a good move with the swap in stun too


i actually love that the change of adrenaline rush to cleansing impact. i like the idea of healing the dinosaurs, but at the same time, i don’t wanna risk wasting an attack. i never do the healing because i always get killed anyway and it never gives me that much health.


It wasn’t just changed, it was ruined.

I used it as my opening dinosaur frequently. The majority of the time, the first round would go: I use ferocious strike and boost my damage. The opponent slows me. I use (priority) adrenaline to heal and get my speed back up. The opponent hits me with a powerful move, but I survive and rampage them for the win. I could take out most other openers that way – rex, indom if I hit through cloak, stegodeus if they used anything but ss and thago combo (most people went for rampage), stegoceratops if their stun failed, lower-level gorgo, megalo, and various others… I came out ahead more often than behind. Cleansing isn’t a priority move, so now gorgo just gets hit twice and killed.


Never use Gorgo as your opening dino.
If your opponent dino is a Stegod, then, Gorgo is dead. Stegod has 2 slowing moves.
Use Gorgo as a finishing dino instead.

The update gives all Gorgo moves damage inflicting. Which to my personal view is much better than before the update. Now Gorgo can become a true beast in the arena… :sweat_smile:…


What he said…

You NEVER open with Gorgo, the change is actually an improvement.


Battled the new birds.
My Gorgo munch all 3 without a scratch…

Maybe their levels are a bit low. But without a scratch… :thinking:…

Ferocious Strike - 1 bird dead.
Strike - another bird dead.
Rampage - 3rd bird dead.



Yap i think gorgoshucus is counter to a bird who has sia shield. And it has cleanse move when he get slowed. Just saying


Yeah, like I said I almost never used the adrenaline rush, because I’m the kind of player who wants to play brave and only do moves that are going to damage the players and I never use the attacks that waste a turn to cleanse health or increase attack while the opponent attacks you back. To me, healing abilities are great, but I don’t want to be a chicken and raise my health up at the last minute before I die, I only would ever do that when fighting raptors, I want to take a chance, and fight fair with the health I already have until the animal dies. So for me, this is a big improvement for Gorgosuchus. He was always the second animal in battle, I didn’t really use it first a lot, but now I just might.


Somebody should have told my opponents to use two slowing moves in a row when we opened gorgosuchus vs. stegodeus, because they would almost always go for one slowing move and then rampage. I killed many a stegod with gorgo, right up to 3900 trophies. I opened with gorgo for a reason; it won me more fights than it lost me.




Boo! Get off the stage! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was skeptical of the change but i like it now…finish dino off with ferocious and watch them bring in a attk debuff dino just to watch it die to cleansing impact :joy:


The amount of Raptors I’ve taken down with cleansing impact is great :grin:


My Gorgo soloed the Pterosaur Epic tower… :blush:…


My gorgho get help from trex and monolopho. :rofl::rofl: