Gorgosuchus counter


Just a little rant I’ve come up against Gorgosuchus a lot lately I do have him so it’s not jealousy :joy: and I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but he is ridiculously overpowered doesn’t matter who you use or what level he is if he’s faster even worse I’ve gone up against a level 12 with my level 18 velociraptor and done the pounce to reduce his hit still 3249 damage and taken out my Stegoceretops one hit around the same seems like every battle lately I’ve come up against him been winning 2 to 1 and he’s come on and blitz me with ridiculous damage I don’t use him because of this I like a back and forth or competitive battle I have characters that have remove positive effects but still the same what are your guys thoughts or tips on how to counter it


anything with debuff skills


Having the same problem. Lately I’ve been trying to lose first round so I can be the one to bring my Gorgo to finish the dino and buff first. Not a fan of that gameplay though. The only dinos I can see with the speed and the nullifying strike are Tanycolagreus and Echo.


I struggled against it for a while as well, he will still sometimes decide a match against me, but he has plenty of counters. There are a lot of Dinos that will score “1 big bit” but if you slow it the next hit normally finishes it off, it also doesnt have immunity so stuns are effective. Stegocerotops, monostego… Most epic/legendary tanks can debuff or slow him and only take 1 big hit


Maybe I just got unlucky with crits but it seems like he can one-shot everyone on my lineup including Stegodeus and Stegoceratops.


He’s way overpowered , like I have a pretty good team and he takes most of my team out in two hits . I never seem to stun him and only my IRex takes him out in one . I guess I just need to power mine up but I really don’t like him at all !


Mine gets taken out all the time… Raptors, a decently levelled Stegodeus, Erlikos, heavy hitters… The only time they’re powerful is after they’ve increased their damage, and even then, they have such poor defense that it doesn’t take long for one to get knocked out.


I just had to fight two of those in one same team. Aaaah the good old battle glitches !


anything with a deceleration attack should kill it in 2 turns


Postimetrodon has taken my boy out a few times


Yeah he’s had next to nothing and taken the full health from my stegoceretops a few times I don’t get a hit in also hitting him with the pounce with my level 18 raptor which is supposed to reduce his damage has no effect still hits me with 2000+ damage very frustrating


I used Gorgosuchus for the epic strike event. Monolophosaurus and Koolasuchus gave him some trouble and I imagine if they were leveled and being used by a real person they might do some real damage. Nullify is a huge thorn in his side.


It’s called learning how to fight :+1:
It’s a game, you can’t win all the time…
Stop moaning about overpowered dinos


Who rattled your chain you would swear i just
Killed your cat or something if you haven’t got a decent reply what is the point in posting and if you read my post I was asking for advice on ways of countering him because I was struggling with him lately and just to add what was your post about getting criticalled by a 5% and losing 5 in a row can’t win all the time bro even though your such a gaming Adonis :joy:


A good player will timed he’s gorgosuchus right for the ferocious strike build up then defense shattering rampage to kill almost anything. But at speed 120 & no immunity like postometrodon. So a gd herbivore with armour or shield should survive the ferocious strike then reply with some speed slowing or stun break the momentum.
Pls try get one for yrself too. Quite fun to use


More a broad reply to everyone moaning…

First it was the raptor, then stegosaurus… now gorgesuchous… what’s next… overpower this overpower that.
It’s a game!


Gorgosuchus is great as it is no need chances at all he has a lot of counters ,superiority strike destroy him and its a very common move
I love eat those guys with insane level raptors with him


Honestly I’m glad gorgo can wipe out velociraptor… I’m constantly put up against level 20 velociraptors and it’s frustrating because if I don’t get given some tank dinos then no matter what I do I can’t win usually, you could leave a velociraptor with 1 hp and it could still wreck you


Not op just decent anti tank option in the age of tanks. This guy performs well but gets fairly hard countered by nullifiers or speedy high damage


I love my Gorgo lol I leveled him up to lvl22 so far and his powers are - Health: 2962, Damage: 1119. There are still plenty of dinos that can beat him beat. I do get a good laugh when he hits someone with 4500+ lethal strike especially if they just swapped out their dino.