Gorgosuchus counters?


I’ve been running into this guy constantly as an opener and not having much success countering without losing a creature and a half. Any advice for good counters?


Stegocera, stegodea, raptor this is all of course if he hasnt already ferocious striked…if so your best bet is instant cripple dino or rng indos


Anything that slows it, reduces its damage, or can nullify its buffs and/or stun it.


Almost any raptor. Monostegotops, Monolophosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Wuerhosaurus,…


Almost every dino after patch :smiley:


Gorgosuchus is considered a mid speed dino. There are a handful of dinos that have have the ability to reduce damage for that nasty defense shattering rampage. As for tanks, If your tank is 2 levels or higher than the gorgosuchus, it should be able to survive the defense shattering rampage. Take away its speed or stun, you would get to kill it before its 2nd move. Don’t recommend anyone to bring their tanks out if they are two levels below, such as the gigapikasaur or tragodistis, the dino will die in one hit, given that combo with ferocious strike. I’ve across a handful of people using tragodistis, and they pop up their instant invincibility only to be one shotted by a gorgosuchus. As long as you know your levels, movesets, and have the dinos to counter it, you should have no sweat.


If they use ferocious strike to finish off your low dino though when they have full hp good luck on whatever you bring in next though :joy:


Monosteg wrecks all the self buff Dino’s not to mention shield dinos


Oh yeah, I’m often using Gorgo as counter and he will eat up most Tanks plus the following Dino if slower.

Gorgo: Ferocious
Tank: slowing him down
Gorgo: Adrenaline (heal, cleaning speed and adding another buff)
Tank: Barrier or whatever, usually not enough to kill him after heal
Gorgo: Defense Shattering … 4,8k Critical

RIP Stegocera/Stegodeus/Gigaspika


Gorgs who heal right after my stegod slows him make me happy…theyre about to eat another slow and get wacked :joy:


Dont forget he has the self heal plus adds attack… I’ve used this move in anticipation to a slow down… in the end I did almost or little more than 3k damage


Most players are just bad at guessing what your enemy does. They probably expect you to switch and loose cause they didn’t expect Adrenaline.


True and even if they dont use heal that super strikes gonna get him low enough for the next dino to take him out and then their setup is ready


Yea my gorgo usually only lasts a fight… opposition will bring in something quicker and finish him off… gorgo and rexy are my starters


Yeah ill never start with gorg but ill def use him to ferocious strike finish a dino so i have that soul crusher ready for the next dino


By the end of the Match my gorgo is sub par for speed… save my indominus for last usually


I save my indom for their indom unless i have no better starter and just pray they miss and i get a free hit


I’m working towards monosteg, mono is pretty rare in my area so I hope to try that at some point.
I figured raptors would be the key but I’ve been iffy putting more than one on my team given the prevalence of counters out there now. I think the key for me may be Koolasuchus G2. I’ve been testing that out and it works so well to smother those gorgos
As far as people starting with Rex I put tarbo on my team specifically for that and mop them every time. There’s a lot of unorthodox dinos on the roster that no one uses that crush the popular ones. I’ve jumped 400 something trophies just because everyone uses predictable dinos