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Gorgosuchus or einisuchus and suggestions on my 8


So my eini is level 18 as before a few updates he was used often and so was a strong player in my team
Gorgo was used alot too and munched eini but since this update hes been dropped by many teams.

My issue is this. I am at 4k trophies give or take 100 and i only use 4 leg in my team because of lack of dna. However i have 1k kaprosuchus dna and gorgo can be level too 16 before i even use that DNA.

So should i drop eni for gorgo? Or should i make megalosuchus? Or should i mass produce suchotator? Decisions decisions

What are your thoughs

This is my team:


I’d rather keep einia and I recommend using gorgo dna to create megalosuchus. She is beast!


I am saving all the dna for future hybrids so my posti and my gorgo are at lev 15 and I won’t upgrade them. But I have a lev 19 Sucotator in my team cause I am not able to creat spinotasuco now. So my sucotator only costs me coins and not both coins and useful dna.


I would change amargo for nodopato. She Is a beast, if well played it can take a lvl 19 stegodeus. I recommend using her as an opener


I would ditch Amargocephalus for Gorgosuchus. I have a level 20 Gorgo on my team and his awesome… However, I am only in the 38xx range, so not sure if he will be helpful when I finally get to Jurassic Ruins…


Does he not get beat due to slowing moves alot?


I never use him to open a battle. What usually happens, is tanks battling in the opening stage. If I can get my opponent’s Dino down to around 1000 HP, it is the ideal situation for Gorgo to step in… You open with a Ferocious Strike, which finishes off the wounded Dino, and you’re armed to hit the next one that comes in with a Defense Shattering Rampage. That’s a sure, one-off kill even for a Level 20 Stegodeus. Even if your opponent brings in a faster Dino, you’re sure to survive the first hit and will dispatch it when you get to go… Otherwise, you are right, speed modifying moves can render Gorgo useless. Hope this helps.


My two cents on your situation…I would drop Allosaurus and Amargocephalus and put in Nodopatasaurus and Gorgosuchus. Imo, that’d give you some pretty good balance for your team…two straight offense, three tanks, and three with some really useful abilities. If you have the spare DNA, I’d personally say level up your Gorgosuchus to between 16-18, after you get Megalosuchus created and then consider replacing Einiasuchus with Megalosuchus. If you don’t already have Suchotator at a relatively high level, don’t bother with it…it’ll be a lot of coins for something you’ll never use with your lineup or replaced super quickly. As was said earlier, Nodopatasaur can be a great option, especially as an opener, it just takes a lil bit to learn how to play her correctly versus various opponents. Though don’t level Nodopatasaur up any further, and possibly consider creating Gigaspikasaur to replace her when she’s created. :slight_smile: