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Gorgosuchus or spinotahsuchus

Ive run into a few issues in the final strech to lockdown but one in particular. Should I lvl gorgosuchus or lvl my kapro to spinotahsuchus?

I rarely level up dinosaurs past the point they are ingredients to a different hybrid.

Some people like to over-level gorgosuchus past 15 because it used to be very strong in the lower arenas when it faced lower level dinosaurs. But that’s not the case anymore. A level 25 gorgo will be facing level 21 Erlidominus or procerathomimus and will lose the battle. Therefore, it’s not worth leveling Gorgo past level 15. Your kapro will be better used on Spinotahsuchus.

I recently dropped by quite a few trophies, so I decided to change my team around a bit. I put in my Gorgosuchus and he gets completely destroyed in later arenas. So many dinosaurs are faster, and the lack of HP damages him. Definitely go for Spinotahsuchus. The speed helps a lot.


I struggle more with leveled spinotas and utahsino’s than any others.

Gorgo is probably the best revenge killer in the game, but spinotah is generally a safer bet with its speed.

The problem with gorgo is it’s HP is too low for what it faces in higher arenas. It’s damage on set up is ridiculous, but it just can’t go the stretch. Though tbh both of them are basically made of glass

I love the way everyone says gorgo is no good at higher levels… ever faced a L30 with its ferocity going? Used right gorgo can turn a 0-1 match to a 3-1 win, at any level.

Faster than thor, can cleanse tryko distract and break its shield… permanent part of the team.

My opinion? Work on both…

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That all depends on your guess of the opponents move. I’ve had people guess that I will do cleanse when I predict they will distract so instead they go shield, then as i’ve used my cleanse already i go break and they go distract, and vice versa.

I still have lvl 20 Gorgo on my team in Jurassic Ruins, but I only really find it useful if i’ve finished of an opponent dino with Ferocious Strike first and therefore super-charged for next dino. Anything less than that it doesn’t last.

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Gorgosuchus is the better option in my opinion. I have mine at 20th and it performs very well for damage dealing.

Which is exactly how you use it…

I think most people here might be missing two things that are incredibly simple, yet somehow overlooked. What level is your Gorgosuchus currently? And are you going to go after Megalosuchus? Simple questions, but very important to the argument if you ask me. :thinking:

Oh my gorgo is 14, not sure about going for Megalosuchus

Well, I would personally say to at least level Gorgosuchus to level 15. But Spinotasuchus is the better Hybrid over all. At least going by the Metahub tier list, anyways.