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Gorgosuchus Tournament 3/29 - 4/1


I will be posting stats and data for this tournament in this thread. Looks like it has already been an interesting tournament that started with rules but then at some point during the early couple of hours the rules were removed and now it is a full open tournament with no rules.

Good luck to all of those without this creature already as this is a rare chance to unlock a tournament hybrid without fusing the ingredients. And to those that already have the creature unlocked its a great way to save your self 42,000+ in DNA by not needing to purchase one in the market plus the additional goodies in the pack including some VIP points for the pack itself.

FYI for those that don’t know the little blue unlock symbol on the screen shot below is a very important symbol in the game. Whenever you see this it means if you complete / win the pack associated with it you “unlock” the ability to purchase that creature in the market.


Thanks sionsith I had no idea what this symbol meant and this is actually huge for me because I have managed to work my way up a ways into dominator and I’m only level 61. I know that it probably won’t last but I’m trying my best to stay in dominator


Here’s my data for last night and today, plus my son’s data for last night.

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I am predicting around 1200 as where the 100th place in Dominator will end when the tournament is over. The data so far is looking very similar to last week which is where that tournament ended up.

So 1200 points divided by an average of 33 trophies per win gives you the amount you need to win at around 37 times or about 12-13 per day.

So for those looking to sneak into Dominator this is what you should aim for as a base level.

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This is what the trend is looking like for the dominator league 1st place and 100th:

This is looking very similar to the Lythronax tournament and might even be a bit behind, will have to see how it updates for the last 24 hours.

The whole of Dominator league according to my bracket:

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Guess i’ll have to settle for the gold prize. Even when i manage to win 3 fights (a big if given the fact that i get Cerazinos and Metriphodons in predator league for God’s sake) i drop faster than a cheetah with a jetpack. Unless i throw dino dollars at it wich i’m not going to.

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Seems like these tournaments are «rigged», as long as you make 1200/1300 you seem to be guaranteed to win. Good to know. As we are all fighting the computer I am not surprised.


I will not be able to win the gorgosuchus in this tournament due to game issues. Damn it, I wanted it badly.


Here is my result from today. I’m quite sure that I will finish in dominator league, thanks to the analysis by @Sionsith, however I will probably lose 30, maybe 40 positions tomorrow.


My runs from last night and this morning.

Unless something weird happens, I am probably through with the tournament. That said, I’ve never been this high this far into the tournament


I was initially doing very well; most of the time I land around 30th place in Predator. For some reason, I was floating in the 50s in Dominator. This morning, I was 60th with about 900 trophies.

Then, about noon UTC, I started plummeting. I play battles between reps at the gym (don’t @ me, okay?), and within an hour I lost almost 20 places and dropped down to 80, even while playing.

I’m currently at 89 with 1144 trophies, a little less than 24 hours to go. I’m a bit bummed, because I really thought I might win the Gorgosuchus, but I guess I need to bid that hope adieu, most likely. I also am encountering Metriaphodons, Proceratosaurus, and Pterodactyluses and other one-hit-you’re-dead wonders.

The bottom of dominator for me right now is 950 trophies. I’m guessing the threshold will be higher than 1200-1300 trophies. (Top right now is 2048, if @Sionsith or anybody else cares)

Interesting, every other “person” in Dominator account right now is a JW-123456 account. Every. Single. One. Hmm.

Good luck to all. May the Force be with you.


Keep it up. If @Sionsith is correct in his predictions, and he seems spot on, you stand a good chance of squeaking by

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Right! I forgot:

“Is that possible?”

“I never ask that question until after I’ve already done it.”


@HanSoloWannaBe you are almost there, unless something screwy happens over the next 24 hours that has not happened in the last 4, since I have been tracking them, you should be good. They all follow an S-Curve where the first day has a low amplitude, the second day a much steeper one, with the third day settling back down.
Amargasaurus (only partial tracking)
Gorgosuchus (so far)

Lythronax ended around 1175 and this one is following very close to its same pattern, if you shoot for 1250-1300 you should be safe. You can see on Gorgosuchus’s graph we are starting to settle back down into the last part of the s-curve.


Nice analysis, Sith. I’ve also noticed, at the bottom of the dominator table, there’s a significant gap, maybe 1-200 pts diff, between rock bottom #100 and, say, #97 or 98. That’s just based on my memory of impressions I had. Last-minute surges from ‘others’ to pull you down don’t happen. Tournament positions freeze, what, last 2-3 hours?

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I think this tournament is the first that I’ve yet to be bumped out of dominator during the whole event. Mostly as I’m hoping beyond hope that a Gorgosuchus pack will magically be awarded. With 1400 some points, currently, I believe I will be close to finishing in dominator. Still, I’m fighting for that elusive pack.

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Thanks for the hope all. Just exhausted what dinos had recovered from cooldown. Rank 93 in dominator with 1276 trophies. #100 is 1076 trophies, so it’ll be close. Rank 1 is 2430 trophies. 16 hours to go.

As throughout this entire tourney, I am the sole “human being” in my league. Every other “player” is a JW-123456 account, still. That’s a lot of guests, or bots. Perhaps each tournament server has to be synced across all players, hence the large number of bot accounts.


My league seems very competitive, with #100 currently at 1097 already.
(Notice the significant gap between #99 and #100.)
We’ll see how far I drop tomorrow morning.


My bracket has also jumped up a bit and I am now tracking close to 1300 for the final unless there is a slow down. The pace has not slowed as much as I thought it would have. I am also not sure if it sets the pace based off what you are doing or based off what everyone is doing. I will take another reading in a couple of hours to see if it starts to slow down.


One more update before I go to bed. I’ve not fought any more battles, but I’ve now dropped to #80, and #100 is at 1249. Will fight more tomorrow if need be.