Gorgosuchus VS Positemtrodon (JWA Battles #7)

This series was on delay during the 2.0 wait. If you aren’t familiar with the rules already, heck out an older episode and catch up on this series (I recommend it.)

Last time, in a brutal battle between Monostegotops (who was done dirty in this update, RIP MY BOY) and Testacornibus, we had a JoJo reference for a K.O. Can’t believe I did that.

Here we go with the long awaited crocodilian battle! I mean one isn’t a croc. Neither are, but one actually has croc DNA so… here we go!

Height: 11 Ft
Length: 24 Ft
Weight: 2 Tons
Bite Force: 3 Tons (According to JWTG)
Weapons: Claws, teeth
Advantages: Larger and stronger, more experienced hunter
Disadvantages: Slower… and that’s it

Height: 6 Ft
Length: 13 Ft
Weight: 0.5 Tons
Bite Force: 1,500 Pounds
Weapons: Teeth and claws
Advantages: Faster… and that’s it
Disadvantages: Smaller, weaker, less experienced hunter

Gorgosuchus could be seen stalking an old Stegoceratops. Little did he know, Postimetrodon was thinking of also cheap shotting it. They both notice each other, and jump back. The fight is on! Gorgo lunges at Posti, who evades in time to counter with claw swipes. Gorgo tries to swipe posti himself, but misses and gets bitten instead. Posti tries to attack again, but gets tail whipped instead. Gorgo swipes Posti a few times, before the two get into a swipe battle (micking another “Ora Ora Ora” I see). Posti finally gains the upper hand and tries to swipe yet again, but gets his arm bitten off in the process. Taking this as an opportunity to finish the job, Gorgosuchus, in his 8 Attack JWTG animation, brutally takes out his foe. He looks back and notices the Stegoceratops, annoyed he was disturbed during meal time. Gorgosuchus flees at this sight, and Stegoceratops goes back to eating.

This one wasn’t a hard one to decide. It’s even confirmed Gorgosuchus could have hunted smaller ceratopsians (Jurassic World The Game), and I am fairly certain that it wouldn’t have much trouble finishing a lesser predator. Posti may have been faster, but how could it compete with a creature with a superior bite and weight? I really doubt Posti could even hurt Gorgo. I know what happened in the fight, but as always it’s never a simulation. Remember when Erlikospyx straight up bit off Thylacotator’s head? Overall, Posti may be faster, but speed isn’t enough if you can’t hurt your opponent, making the winner of this battle Gorgosuchus!


Gorgo may win the hybrid battle, however, if this was the superhybrid battle, Megalosuchus VS Tryostronix, this would be a completely different and way closer story. If you’d like to see that match-up, let’s say 15 likes? Once that goal is reached, we will do Megalosuchus VS Tryostronix! The next fighters will be revealed again:

Quetzorion VS Dracoceratosaurus


Cool! I was looking for this battle