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Gorgotrebax Alternate Colors

This was made as a “What if alternate colors was added to JWA?” and will be featured in Project J. Firstly, gorgotrebax, the coolest apex. (sorry mortem lovers.)

Alt #1: Default

Alt #2: Inverted (Gains black snow aura)

Alt #3: Ice (Gains blue snow aura)

trebax ice alt

Alt #4: Gold (Gains golden snow aura)

Alt #5: Black and White (Gains gray snow aura)

Alt #6: Random Exposure (Gains a lighter white snow aura)

Alt #7: Burnt (Gains smoke aura)

Alt #8: King/Queen of Apexes (Gains purple snow aura)

Which is your favorite alt?

  • Default
  • Inverted
  • Ice
  • Gold
  • Black and White
  • Random Exposure
  • Burnt
  • King/Queen of Apexes

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Would be cool to see an alternate trebax skin, I can imagine something cool would be like a trebax with a pattern similar to coastal animals or maybe woodland like animal skin

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I’ve been wanting skins for a while simple color changes could do so much for the game