Gorgotrebax Bug

Bug Description: Gorgotrebax gets random revenge effects during the raid. Also he is able to hit a creature while another creature taunted. Therefore i could not complete the raid.

Area is was found in: Raid Battle

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- start raid
Step 2 - fight
Step 3 - at a random point in the raid, the described bug happen

How often does it happen: everytime i do the raid

What type of device are you using: Samsung Phone

I hope you can fix it :slight_smile:

Pretty sure its not a random effect or bug. It gains revenge abilities after you take out its minions. If you kill them quick enough it won’t be able to use revenge effects on its bigger moves like that nullifying impact that targets everyone when revenge effect is active.

Should the revenge last for many rounds or only for one?

Everytime you kill a minion it gets the revenge effects. so you kill them both 3 times across each round of the wave. So you’ll be getting hit with at least 3 revenge attacks bare minimum. If you don’t kill the minions on the same turn then it gets more revenge effects.

Ok thanks for the explanation

But still the taunt did not work

Taunt has no impact on a random move, which is most likely what happened to you.

that’s not true taunt has exactly the effect it should have to prevent the attack of a random target … that’s why there are also dinosaurs that are immune to taunt which does not apply to grogobax so this is really a bug … so as there is no one with Ceramagnus because he attacks the taunt ignories

Hey there, Pierre82. I believe “Random” abilities are not affected by Taunt. More information can be found on E.D’s thread here:

I rest my case.