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Gorgotrebax bugged raid

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Bug Description: Gorgotrebax is targeting the wrong dino and shields went down one turn earlier

Area is was found in: During gorgotrebax raid

How do you reproduce the bug:

  1. Tragodistis used group taunting shields
  2. Gorgotrebax used revenge random distracting impact and hit one of the dinos that wasn´t taunting
  3. next turn we heal our dinos for resisting the next hit
  4. the shields dissapear for some reason
  5. gorgotrebax crits the entire team and kill 3 dinos

i can understand that maybe random attacks can ignore taunt (to be honest i don´t know if that is how is supposed to work) but the shields banishing during that hit was a cheap one.
Then we re-tryed the gorgo raid and this time the shields didn’t went down during the devastation, we loose anyway but the point is that this raid has bugs

The attack may be nullifing attack

it has nullifying impact turn 2 round 2 and turn 3 round 3. as well as nullifying rampage turn 2 round 4.
also random moves are not affected by taunt.


It was during round 1, also it has revenge cunning rampage during the first round