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Gorgotrebax is SERIOUSLY underated

I love my 153 speed Trebax, great against SG3, Thor, Mortem and flocks

That speed seems excessive.
I went for a more bulky trebax. 137 speed with the rest in health and damage. 4k rampage at your face that you can’t prevent with a good chance to crit is great.

I would say above 145 just for those max speed Thors, normally faster than a lot of Spyx as well

Mine’s a 139 speed, but if there was a boost shuffle i’d definitely have speed up a bit more and lower health a bit. Its health is already bulky naturally.

Don’t want bax to be able to handle everything. Thats the same problem magna has. I built mine to deal with slower thors and some magnas after speed up. Also deal with scorp just fine and some maximas.

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Most Magna’s I see in high Library/Low Gyro have 160 speed. Trebax would need 147 to beat that after boost.

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Mine’s 1/14/14 (will be 2/14/14 when it hits 30). Right now it has a nice even 5000 damage rampage and enough HP to survive even a (non-crit) precise pounce from most spyx.

Trebax x Gem is one of my favorite matchups, oddly. It always goes the same way:

  1. I cautious impact, they decel rampage me. I’m slower, but they’re distracted and I dodge, so they don’t hit for much.
  2. I instant distract as they use their DSA, so they still don’t kill me.
  3. They either resil strike, which can’t kill me, or they II, which I go through with my nullifying rampage. Or they just give up and swap out.
  4. If they’re still in there and my rampage didn’t kill them, I’m faster again and they die.
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Can I just say that Gorgotrebax is seriously poor and is hopeless?

I use it, love it and the last thing in the world I want is to see is a nerf for one of the few decent creatures that has slipped under the radar so far.


one of my favorite looking creatures. and an absolute powerhouse in the right situations. it’s still countered by a number of uniques, so it shouldn’t be a nerf target imo.

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Mine is 0/11/18. It loses the speed ties with the 164 magna and 149 compsocaulus but not for much longer. When it hits level 30 max damage erlikospyx will need a critical hit to OHKO as well. I will go 0/12/18 when level 30. I like the 4/15/11 build as well but way too many nitro mortem rex in the higher arenas to go that slow.

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